Tuesday, August 30, 2005

General : Hehehe.....

Well, to put it short, I've finally left EP for my new place. A few shortcomings here and there, but nevertheless, it's a 100 times better than EP. I'm finally able to use the internet as it's meant to be used :). For the time being, I'm sharing off a line with some housemates while waiting for my line to come, so I won't be downloading too much anime lest I earn the wrath of my housemates,:).

Benefits of my new place:

1. A good night's sleep for the 1st time in 3 months.
2. I finally get to use my blanket.
3. I can listen to music as much as I want.
4. I can use the Internet.
5. No more listening to wannabe Idols, motor gangs and shouting idiots.
6. I get to exercise more... (not sure if you can say this as a benefit, sometimes.)

I'll blog more later. I need to get some sleep....

Oh and head over to DarkMirage for some funny stuff.I especially like his blog.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

General : Another weekend....

Well, I went back home this weekend to catch up a bit on my backlog of anime and I'm glad I did so because..... MAHORABA 24-26 CAME OUT!!

Yatta!! Finally I can finish off Mahoraba ^^. Froth-Bite sure took their time, but well, all's good, hehe. Oh not to mention also catching up on Shuffle! and getting Iriya 6(final episode). I'm not watching those for now, leaving it for later ;).

A lot of really good things came out this weekend, like FMP:TSR OP/ED and OST. So far, Mikuni-san hasn't let me down with her songs. I do have a slight preference for the ED though.

Another piece of good news, is I'm finally moving out from the crap place that EP is. I've found a single room somewhere else and looking forward to getting my DSL line to abuse *evilgrin*. Expect more activity for my blog soon :).

Well, done with the customary comments/rants/misc stuff and on with my anime thoughts:

FMP:TSR : Watched eps.5. They're finally starting off the main story of the novels. Kyoto did nicely animating the car chase scene, although I did think it was a bit short. And they really should have switched scenes between Sousuke and Chidori more during the phone conversation, lol. But then, when i read the novels, I get overactive imaginations so , bleh :). But seriously, the phone conversation part was one of the funniest parts of the novels I've read. I'm sooo waiting for the hijack part...oops... spoiler here,hehe. Well, I'll wonder if they'll do "A Dancing Merry Christmas" for this season. For those who've been wondering why there's no Christmas humour for FMP yet, there's a good reason why ^^.

R.O.D. TV Series : Thanks to EMiNA, I've gotten hooked to this series. I've been marathoning it until eps. 20(?) thanks to a friend. The paper action is really spectacular but what I like the most about ROD is that goddamn, super relaxing BGM, R.O.D no Theme. It really calms me down. The rest of the music is really good as well, done classily. Thank you Nipponsei for still having this on Nippon|Smoker (worships Nipponsei's crew).

Gokusen : Borrowed it from a friend. It's a... so-so series. Feels too much of a GTO rip-off. Admittedly, the lack of creativity for the supporting cast(the students) turned me off. They were too one-dimensional and kinda easy to predict. Plus the fact that the art isn't exactly top-notch turned me off. I've heard a lot of better things about the TV Drama series though(Yankumi looks 100x better), so I'll reserve this comments for the anime version.

Utena : Another borrowed series. I've watched a few episodes and... well.. a few things stand out, yuri, fangirl attacks and bishounens. I'll catch it up later when I'm done with ROD TV.

Mahoraba : Yes, of course, I do need to put my thoughts about it. After a looonng wait, Froth-Bite released the whole series. The ending was done quite nicely, although 1 thing I didn't like was... NO SHIRATORI KOKUHAKU!!!! Well having read the manga till volume 9, the Shiratori and Tamami coversation and Shiratori's subsequent confession was one of the best parts of it. And the true reason for Kozue's MPD is still open in the manga. The anime explanation was logical, but still I like an official confirmation by it from the manga. But overall, it was a good show and definately anime I would recommend to others to watch.

Aa! Megami-sama TV : Marathoned this series after downloading it 2 weeks ago. Stays quite true to the manga and isn't too bad. I noticed that Skuld is more childish in this series and Urd has +25 to "Nee-san"ness.Ending felt a bit rushed though, but Lind APPEARED!! Though more of a cameo role than anything. "Gahh!!!" at the producers. I wanted more of Lind... and Peorth went missing, lol. Hopefully there's a second series. I want to see Peorth's appearance, the Queen Sayoko arc and the rubber band wars, lol.

Well, that's all for now. Expect more regular blogging up soon. Jaa~~ mata ne~~!
*EDIT* : Funny little 4-koma, Bokusatsu Tenshi Tsunami-chan?

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

General : Paradise found? ...kamo....

Well for the time being I'm back in Melaka and with the (even more) suckier-than-dial-up hostel LAN. To anyone who's going to MMU, PLEASE DO NOT LIVE IN EP IF YOU WANT TO USE THE INTERNET!!

Ok rant out of the way, I've found another place to rent.Hopefully it'll work out well and I'll be having unrestricted access to my own DSL line (hoho).

Well, i don't have much to say about my own affairs so on to the anime thoughts of the post:

GSD: Sunrise is really threading the fine line between genius and fool. Ep.41 was such a bloody waste of money. 42 is.... just a bit almost there as well. I sooo wanted to see Infinite Justice in action! Instead, they wasted the whole episode with more fight scenes, showing how sucks Cagalli actually is with a MS(but well she did nicely punch the ball-less bastard Jona) and how Lacus can go on and on and on and on.... you get the idea. I'm like, Lacus, just kick Athrun in IJ and eject him out instead of talking cock and waiting for him. In the end, it was:

*fading in of Kimi to boku ni niteiru music*
"Athrun Zala, Justice, deru-zo(?)"(and he flies out)
*KIMI NO SUGATA-WA......(song)"

Oh well, you get the idea. It's kinda irritating for me. On the plus side, there seems to be some changes to the tradition of the trio chars piloting some prototype MS with them on the good(?) side instead of the bad one. The Lacus Groupie trio was quite good with their MS(what model is that? *edit* oh they're called DOM's). I hope they didn't organize something like LLL(Love Love Lacus) or on the lines of it. Oh man, I'm getting infected by Shuffle!,lol. On the topic of Shuffle!...

Shuffle! : Watched 3 and 4. I do not want to mess around with Nerine-chan liao. The "lesson" she taught those guys is ..... scary, lol. But well, she did get Loyalty +10 from me. It seems to me that Nerine = mahou-tsukai while Sia = chair master.Oh, and Primula-chan just looks sooo sexy when she was wearing Tsuchimi's shirt not to mention deadly as well when she was pointing that knife to Tsuchimi, almost choked at that part, lol. I also noticed that there's 2 Rin's in the series, so I'll be using Tsuchimi and Nerine for ease of identification.I'll reserve more comments for Episode 5. Being a Kaede lover also, I'm hearing some good things about her and ep.5.

*Addition* : Just watched Ep.5. Yup as they say, definitely a Kaede episode.The perfectness of Kaede's care earns her +50 on my moe meter, lol(I'm stealing terms already). And sick Kaede look, kawaiiness + 100(pics later). There seems to be something in past with Kaede and Tsuchimi, with the "YURUSENAI" thing. I wonder what could it be, hmm... Oh and Asa-sempai, nee-chan-ness +5, Primula-chan, +10 on the Rei lookalike scale.

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid : Watched ep.4, some nice catfighting between Mao and the yuri twin. Good mecha action as well with the nice strategy of "All Creatans are liars". Screwed up Blueno nicely. And so finally, next episode will be the start of the real story of the FMP:End of Days novels. Expect some nice car chases, Mao's sexiness and SousukexChidori humour. Buying crabs anyone?

Speed Grapher: Marathoned till Ep.15. Somehow,I feel Gonzo's losing the momentum already. Generally, Gonzo starts to screw up their shows around middle part and it's seeming that way already. SG has some nice execution and a fairly good story(in the end though, isn't it just a loli-lover's dream, running away with a 15 yr-old girl). It's kinda getting repetitive with them sending more of those "Euphorics" to hunt him down. I hope that Gonzo won't screw up royally again. Oh, and I really really like Kagura-chan ^^.

Gunbuster 2: Marathoned this also. Ahh.... can't wait for the rest. Gainax shows off their mastery with the FLCL-style storytelling again with this show. Some parts are a bit illogical though (-1 billion degrees Celcius anyone?). Anyone know when's the ED is going to be released?

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu: OMG, sooo damn sad.... I pity Iriya and the male lead(forgot his name). I hear there's only 6 episodes so I might up a review once the last ep's out. Marathoned it until ep.5 liao.

Well's that's all I have to say for this post. Hopefully the next will be in my new place with my own DSL line instead of going to a cyber cafe, hehe. Untill then, ja mata.

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

General : Sayonara... kamo...

Well, I'm going back to Melaka tml, ending my fun time with DSL haha. I might or might not be able to update the blog as often as I can, so just posting a few thoughts up:

Speed Grapher: Watched the 1st 3 episodes and I can say I'm impressed. Gonzo should keep this up. I soooo wanna kill the bitch that's Kagura's "mom". She starved her daughter just because she's jealous. That bitch!!! Grr... though i can't deny she did "persuade" Kagura's sensei "nicely".

: Watched episode 2 (yeah, I'm slow) and I'm already falling for Kaede thanks to this :

oh , and phr4r Sia's 1337 skill with chairs:

Well apart from the the cliched plot devices like the kind, amnesiac, indesicive protagonist and the stereotypical girls, the fun parts are really with the KKK, SSS and RRR people.Obviously, females of such perfection deserve an army of slaves devoted to them, lol.

I'm also attracted to Primula-chan , well, since i have a predilection for quiet and "sticky" loli's. Hope to see more of her coming soon. I should go make PPP(Pretty Pretty Primula-chan) in the mean time.

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

General: Paradise's End

Ah, without noticing, a week's almost gone past. I'll be going back to Melaka on saturday :(, which means no DSL line *sob sob*. Oh well, this week also has been productive to say the least, with me almost filling up 80% of my HD with anime, mostly catching up on past shows.I'll be needing DVD-R's now.

I've been watching a few new shows such as Sousei no Aquarion(orgasmic gattai) and Shuffle!(a situation which i'll gladly die infinite times over to be in). I'm getting quite addicted to Sousei's OP song, with the catchy

(Ichimannen to nisennen mae kara aishiteru
Hassennen sugita koro kara motto koishikunatta
Ichioku to nisennen ato mo aishiteru
Kimi wo shitta sono hi kara boku no jigoku ni ongaku wa taenai)

and also Shuffle!'s OP which is quite pleasant. Thank god for Nipponsei and DarkMirage for the lyrics.

And now for the anime thoughts section(yes i'm still lazy to do a full entry):

Sousei no Aquarion: Orgasmic gattai's and cheesiness aside, there seems to be some attraction for me to it, making me unable to put it down. Me, being someone who abhors cheesiness(transformation/gattai scenes), attributes it to the mythical references and "ichimannen to nisennen mae.....". Seriously the OP is addictive.

Shuffle!: Being adapted from a renai game, obviously the protagonist is put in a situation which is totally(*infinity) impossible IRL. Ok, so you've got a cute-to-die-for childhood friend who's totally devoted to you already.

But, nooo..., being a renai game adaptation, you'll still need choices, so comes 2 absolutely pretty girls who are infatuated with you and each of them are the princesses of the God and Demon Realms respectively. Oh well, I won't say anything about my absolute jealousy with the guy or how desperate I'd like to be in his
position, I'll just wish him luck and continue watching on for the characters(honestly, no one cares about the story right).

I've also been downloading some stuff like Gunbuster 2, Iriya , AMS(to complete watching it) and I've heard some great things about Speed Grapher.I'll put up my thoughts later on.

Meanwhile, I'll just cross my fingers and hope desproxy works.If not, well, suffice to say my blog's gonna be neglected for a while.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

General : Laziness strikes again.

Well, I did say about putting up some posts but it seems that getting back internet after such a long deprivation of it tends to make me forget doing other stuff :p. I'm thinking of migrating my blog away from using blogger and totally redesign it when i move out and get my own line next month. I'll have much free time during that period and what better hobby for an IT student than to redesign his own blog ;).

As for anime thoughts, I'll go through the stuff I've been watching one by one:

GSD:Nearing the end, things are moving quite fast. There's about 10 eps. left I guess, if it's a 50-episoder like GSEED. And damn, Strike Freedom is teh pwn@g3. I wanna see Infinite Justice as well.... And who agrees with me that Akatsuki's full gold colour is a little bit ghey?

FMP:SR : Kyoto animation has done a great job judging from the 1st 3 episodes, especially eps.2 (FUTAGO YURI ACTION !!!! :nosebleeds:). The action scenes are choreographed quite nicely as well,almost pissed in my pants watching eps.1. The half bald bastard is now my most hated/irritating anime character.

Judging from what I'm seeing though, Kyoto is doing some serious modifications to the story for those who've read the FMP novels (I've read Owaru Day by Day, Dancing Merry Christmas thks to Boku-tachi). But I'm glad it's actually much more better and interesting ( not to forget more fanservice :). For example, the yuri twins in the novels were actually guys... I don't think yaoi twins would have went down well with the audience :vomits:.

Shaman King: Well I got this series from my housemate and marathoned it. I'm missing the last 10 episodes though :p.It's quite a normal shounen show,though for some reason, my cheesiness detector seems to be malfunctioning during the show.I guess the lack of things to watch will do that.

R.O.D: I've watched it during EMiNA screenings and I'm getting addicted to it. The OVA was quite nice but the TV series is really the one I'm interested in. Looking at all the "OMFGWTF" things they do with paper, I'm not gonna look at paper in the same way anymore.

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Monday, August 01, 2005

General : TADAIMA!!!!!

Hehe, finally it's midterm break time, \o/. 1 week of broadband internet usage... oh I'm so gonna abuse it!!!!

But seriously, my hostel is getting worse by the day. I'm going to move out by the end of this month to get my own DSL line outside. It's really kinda ironic that I'm in IT but I've no access to the "I", haizz.....

On the anime watching side, I've marathoned Shaman King 1-54(yes, missing 10 eps), got introduced (and addicted to ) ROD TV 1-2 (thanks to EMiNA's screenings) and currently crazy about FMP:SR (HAWT YURI ACTION!!!). Expect posts about FMP:SR after this :)

Well, basically that's all for now. Just a small placeholder post before starting off my anime postings.

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