Friday, October 07, 2005

ARIA - 01

OP: "ウンディーネ (Undine)" by Yui Makino(I’m starting to like Yui Makino’s voice)
ED: "Rainbow" by ROUND TABLE feat. Nino
Watch Status: Raw
Genre: Slice of life

Note: No OP Sequence in this episode, I think. And no it’s not because I’m lazy.


The show starts off with the main character, Mizuhashi Akari awoken by a breeze of wind through her open window. She’s living with someone named Alicia and they start of their day pretty normally. They also have a pet named Aria Shachou (Chairman Aria). Alicia and Akari own a Gondola operating business and Akari is Alicia’s apprentice. After Alicia leaves, a guy and a girl calls in asking for Alicia(who seems to be very popular). Akari then leaves for practice but finds a girl in her Gondola. After some “persuasion”, Akari takes the girl, Ai, for a Gondola ride in Neo-Venice(I presume, since the resemblance is obvious). They meet with Akari’s friend, Aika, and go together. They stop for some baked potatoes where Aria Shachou falls in the water and gets swept away. Akari attempts to save Aria but Alicia does it instead. After that, Ai mentions about her sister( not going into detail here) and when they get back to shore, Ai presents Akari with an envelope addressed to Alicia. Alicia later opens it and it turns out to be one of her customers. End.

ED Sequence


Well, I had doubts about watching this show since from the summaries I’ve read, it sounds like a shounen feature, I mean, “adventures of a girl trying to become the best Undine” really sounds like a description for a sports/adventure series. But, well, I kinda decided to try it since, well, if the girl is cute, what the heck, hehe.

But it really turns out otherwise. From the beginning, the show already permeates a relaxing mood with the great backgrounds and sounds. The character designs are quite good (although Garten thinks otherwise) and the usage of SD and funny expressions was quite good.

As for the music, the OP done by Yui Makino sounds nice and relaxing, her voice kinda does that to me, dunno why, though I kinda suspect that her role as Sakura in Tsubasa Chronicle plays a part in it. She’s also a rising star nowadays it seems. The ED done by Round Table Nino is also nice, but not on par with their work on Gunbuster 2. I guess it’ll grow on me later on. Besides, I’m having an obsession now with "Yowake Umare Kuru Shoujo" ;). Didn’t notice much about the BGM’s but still, I guess my brain was too relaxed to notice.

I guess I’ll be blogging this series as well, if I have time off from Shakugan. But it’s mostly slice of life so expect short and sweet entries on it.