Thursday, August 04, 2005

General: Paradise's End

Ah, without noticing, a week's almost gone past. I'll be going back to Melaka on saturday :(, which means no DSL line *sob sob*. Oh well, this week also has been productive to say the least, with me almost filling up 80% of my HD with anime, mostly catching up on past shows.I'll be needing DVD-R's now.

I've been watching a few new shows such as Sousei no Aquarion(orgasmic gattai) and Shuffle!(a situation which i'll gladly die infinite times over to be in). I'm getting quite addicted to Sousei's OP song, with the catchy

(Ichimannen to nisennen mae kara aishiteru
Hassennen sugita koro kara motto koishikunatta
Ichioku to nisennen ato mo aishiteru
Kimi wo shitta sono hi kara boku no jigoku ni ongaku wa taenai)

and also Shuffle!'s OP which is quite pleasant. Thank god for Nipponsei and DarkMirage for the lyrics.

And now for the anime thoughts section(yes i'm still lazy to do a full entry):

Sousei no Aquarion: Orgasmic gattai's and cheesiness aside, there seems to be some attraction for me to it, making me unable to put it down. Me, being someone who abhors cheesiness(transformation/gattai scenes), attributes it to the mythical references and "ichimannen to nisennen mae.....". Seriously the OP is addictive.

Shuffle!: Being adapted from a renai game, obviously the protagonist is put in a situation which is totally(*infinity) impossible IRL. Ok, so you've got a cute-to-die-for childhood friend who's totally devoted to you already.

But, nooo..., being a renai game adaptation, you'll still need choices, so comes 2 absolutely pretty girls who are infatuated with you and each of them are the princesses of the God and Demon Realms respectively. Oh well, I won't say anything about my absolute jealousy with the guy or how desperate I'd like to be in his
position, I'll just wish him luck and continue watching on for the characters(honestly, no one cares about the story right).

I've also been downloading some stuff like Gunbuster 2, Iriya , AMS(to complete watching it) and I've heard some great things about Speed Grapher.I'll put up my thoughts later on.

Meanwhile, I'll just cross my fingers and hope desproxy works.If not, well, suffice to say my blog's gonna be neglected for a while.