Tuesday, August 02, 2005

General : Laziness strikes again.

Well, I did say about putting up some posts but it seems that getting back internet after such a long deprivation of it tends to make me forget doing other stuff :p. I'm thinking of migrating my blog away from using blogger and totally redesign it when i move out and get my own line next month. I'll have much free time during that period and what better hobby for an IT student than to redesign his own blog ;).

As for anime thoughts, I'll go through the stuff I've been watching one by one:

GSD:Nearing the end, things are moving quite fast. There's about 10 eps. left I guess, if it's a 50-episoder like GSEED. And damn, Strike Freedom is teh pwn@g3. I wanna see Infinite Justice as well.... And who agrees with me that Akatsuki's full gold colour is a little bit ghey?

FMP:SR : Kyoto animation has done a great job judging from the 1st 3 episodes, especially eps.2 (FUTAGO YURI ACTION !!!! :nosebleeds:). The action scenes are choreographed quite nicely as well,almost pissed in my pants watching eps.1. The half bald bastard is now my most hated/irritating anime character.

Judging from what I'm seeing though, Kyoto is doing some serious modifications to the story for those who've read the FMP novels (I've read Owaru Day by Day, Dancing Merry Christmas thks to Boku-tachi). But I'm glad it's actually much more better and interesting ( not to forget more fanservice :). For example, the yuri twins in the novels were actually guys... I don't think yaoi twins would have went down well with the audience :vomits:.

Shaman King: Well I got this series from my housemate and marathoned it. I'm missing the last 10 episodes though :p.It's quite a normal shounen show,though for some reason, my cheesiness detector seems to be malfunctioning during the show.I guess the lack of things to watch will do that.

R.O.D: I've watched it during EMiNA screenings and I'm getting addicted to it. The OVA was quite nice but the TV series is really the one I'm interested in. Looking at all the "OMFGWTF" things they do with paper, I'm not gonna look at paper in the same way anymore.