Saturday, August 20, 2005

General : Another weekend....

Well, I went back home this weekend to catch up a bit on my backlog of anime and I'm glad I did so because..... MAHORABA 24-26 CAME OUT!!

Yatta!! Finally I can finish off Mahoraba ^^. Froth-Bite sure took their time, but well, all's good, hehe. Oh not to mention also catching up on Shuffle! and getting Iriya 6(final episode). I'm not watching those for now, leaving it for later ;).

A lot of really good things came out this weekend, like FMP:TSR OP/ED and OST. So far, Mikuni-san hasn't let me down with her songs. I do have a slight preference for the ED though.

Another piece of good news, is I'm finally moving out from the crap place that EP is. I've found a single room somewhere else and looking forward to getting my DSL line to abuse *evilgrin*. Expect more activity for my blog soon :).

Well, done with the customary comments/rants/misc stuff and on with my anime thoughts:

FMP:TSR : Watched eps.5. They're finally starting off the main story of the novels. Kyoto did nicely animating the car chase scene, although I did think it was a bit short. And they really should have switched scenes between Sousuke and Chidori more during the phone conversation, lol. But then, when i read the novels, I get overactive imaginations so , bleh :). But seriously, the phone conversation part was one of the funniest parts of the novels I've read. I'm sooo waiting for the hijack part...oops... spoiler here,hehe. Well, I'll wonder if they'll do "A Dancing Merry Christmas" for this season. For those who've been wondering why there's no Christmas humour for FMP yet, there's a good reason why ^^.

R.O.D. TV Series : Thanks to EMiNA, I've gotten hooked to this series. I've been marathoning it until eps. 20(?) thanks to a friend. The paper action is really spectacular but what I like the most about ROD is that goddamn, super relaxing BGM, R.O.D no Theme. It really calms me down. The rest of the music is really good as well, done classily. Thank you Nipponsei for still having this on Nippon|Smoker (worships Nipponsei's crew).

Gokusen : Borrowed it from a friend. It's a... so-so series. Feels too much of a GTO rip-off. Admittedly, the lack of creativity for the supporting cast(the students) turned me off. They were too one-dimensional and kinda easy to predict. Plus the fact that the art isn't exactly top-notch turned me off. I've heard a lot of better things about the TV Drama series though(Yankumi looks 100x better), so I'll reserve this comments for the anime version.

Utena : Another borrowed series. I've watched a few episodes and... well.. a few things stand out, yuri, fangirl attacks and bishounens. I'll catch it up later when I'm done with ROD TV.

Mahoraba : Yes, of course, I do need to put my thoughts about it. After a looonng wait, Froth-Bite released the whole series. The ending was done quite nicely, although 1 thing I didn't like was... NO SHIRATORI KOKUHAKU!!!! Well having read the manga till volume 9, the Shiratori and Tamami coversation and Shiratori's subsequent confession was one of the best parts of it. And the true reason for Kozue's MPD is still open in the manga. The anime explanation was logical, but still I like an official confirmation by it from the manga. But overall, it was a good show and definately anime I would recommend to others to watch.

Aa! Megami-sama TV : Marathoned this series after downloading it 2 weeks ago. Stays quite true to the manga and isn't too bad. I noticed that Skuld is more childish in this series and Urd has +25 to "Nee-san"ness.Ending felt a bit rushed though, but Lind APPEARED!! Though more of a cameo role than anything. "Gahh!!!" at the producers. I wanted more of Lind... and Peorth went missing, lol. Hopefully there's a second series. I want to see Peorth's appearance, the Queen Sayoko arc and the rubber band wars, lol.

Well, that's all for now. Expect more regular blogging up soon. Jaa~~ mata ne~~!
*EDIT* : Funny little 4-koma, Bokusatsu Tenshi Tsunami-chan?