Thursday, October 13, 2005

Shuffle! 12

(No screencaps starting for this post onwards. I have a serious problem once I start getting screencaps as evidenced by my latest posts. Well, if there’s intersteing things, I’ll put them up)


It’s time for the summer vacation homework and Rin, Sia and Nerine are trying to finish it together. Rin-kun gets a bit ‘overexcited’ but manages to finish ahead of Sia and Nerine. He proceeds to finish off his last assignment, which is a landscape sketch, and decides to draw the riverbank. There, he meets up with Asa-sempai who proceeds to ask Rin which girl has he decided on, prompting embarrassment from Rin, especially when Asa-sempai says he’s going for Primula-chan ;). On the way back, Rin and Asa bump into Kareha-sempai, who proceeds to ‘misunderstand’ when Asa says they’ve just came from the river(damn, she’s really funny) and also Itsuki, who adds oil to Kareha’s fire, haha.

But back home, Primula suddenly faints when she tries to help out Kaede water the plants, freezing the whole garden in the process. When, Rin gets back, he discovers that Primula has a 50°C fever. He asks Sia and Nerine if they know what’s happening but both have no idea. Then, Shin-oh and Ma-boh, call him over and they reveal that Primula is an artificially-made life under the Yggdrasil project. It seems that Primula’s soul is the only success but she has no emotions.It seems that being with Rin has awakened Primula’s emotions causing her to lose control of her powers.Primula stubbornly refuses to go back to the Makai for treatment but Rin finally makes her go. They sadly part. Back in the Makai, it seems that Primula will be unable to go back to the human realm anymore.


Shuffle! starts to get serious with this episode, especially with the revelation of Primula’s background. I haven’t played the game yet, but I did get spoiled, thanks to Animesuki forums, so this wasn’t much of a shocker here. I expect more drama and angst soon. Wonder who will Rin end up with? Well, me being a KKK and AAA member, I do hope that Kaede or Asa gets him. I like Kaede’s back-story the most, though.

Shuffle! is also abusing the R-15 rating, evidenced by the eye-catch, which has now changed to be more ecchi and serious BGM.. The title screen also had some changes with the black background and red wording.

The preview for the next episode, shows much drama, with glimpses of Kikyou, and Rin talking to Nerine on the swing they met in the 1st episode. Being spoiled, there’s not much surprise to me, but still I want to watch it and see how will they end the anime.