Monday, August 01, 2005

General : TADAIMA!!!!!

Hehe, finally it's midterm break time, \o/. 1 week of broadband internet usage... oh I'm so gonna abuse it!!!!

But seriously, my hostel is getting worse by the day. I'm going to move out by the end of this month to get my own DSL line outside. It's really kinda ironic that I'm in IT but I've no access to the "I", haizz.....

On the anime watching side, I've marathoned Shaman King 1-54(yes, missing 10 eps), got introduced (and addicted to ) ROD TV 1-2 (thanks to EMiNA's screenings) and currently crazy about FMP:SR (HAWT YURI ACTION!!!). Expect posts about FMP:SR after this :)

Well, basically that's all for now. Just a small placeholder post before starting off my anime postings.