Thursday, October 13, 2005

Shakugan no Shana 02


Continuing off from the last episode, Shana says that Yuuji is dead already.Yuuji is clearly shocked by it (who won’t?) and keeps tailing Shana. She explains about the Guuzen no Toma and about the Torches to Yuuji when he keeps tailing her.He has a shock when he realizes that he might not be the real Sakai Yuuji.

They stop for some melon-pan(flashes of DearS suddenly come up) and continue on home. Yuuji asks who’s Shana is and she replies that she’s a Flame Haze,(apparently, Japanese failed here) exterminator of the Toma and Rinne, and leaves Yuuji surprised.

Shana discusses with Alastor(her pendent) about the attack and Yuuji, the misutesu. Bad guy also discusses with the doll, Marie about the Flame Haze.

Next day, Yuuji wakes up realizing it’s not a dream.After breakfast, he leaves for school but meets Shana again. Shana explains that he’s a misutesu, a treasure coveted by the Toma(?, again not accurate), and she thinks that it’s easier to get her job done by following Yuuji around, since he’ll be targeted.

Then Hirai-san passes by and her ‘Torch’ is going to be exterminated. Sakai doesn’t want this and spends the day trying to cheer her up, including trying to hook her with his friend Ike,whom Hirai’s interested in.

Unfortunately, all his efforts go to waste and Hirai-san disappears.Shana appears and says that’s what happens to a Torch. Yuuji then asks Shana her name. She says she’s only a Flame Haze and has no name. Yuuji then gives Shana her name and introduces himself as Sakai Yuuji, in an attempt to acknowledge each other’s existence.


Shakugan is not letting me down yet. This episode gives some explanation on the Torches and other things in the Shakugan universe.

Torches seem to be the replacements of the human souls that the Toma eats in order to keep the balance of the world in order. Seems that once the fire burns out the person will be forgotten.

Shana, the Flame Haze, is the counter force for the Toma and there seems to be more than one. While Yuuji, the misutesu, possesses some kind of treasure coveted by the Toma and also gives him some power, like not being influenced by the spell in Ep.01 and also remembering Hirai, even though she’s disappeared.

Shana was also kinda cute in this episode. Rie Kugamiya does a fine job voicing here. It was surprising to discover that she was the voice of Al in FMA. My personal high points of Shana:

  1. ‘setsume owari!!’ – moé +5

  2. Melon-pan fetish – moé +7

  3. The part when Yuuji names her – moé +5

Yes, ‘melon-pan eating girls that use swords are incredibly moé!!!!!!’.  XD XD.

The next episode seems to introduce a second Flame Haze, the big breasted woman(every moé anime needs them I guess) and an attack by the bad guys in the school.Looks interesting. I kinda thought that the woman was one of the bad guys all the while. Well, I can imagine much comedy ahead.