Thursday, October 13, 2005

Blood+ 01

OP: "青空のナミダ (Aozora no Namida)" by Hitomi Takahashi
ED: "語り継ぐこと (Gatari tsuzugu koto)" by Chitose Hajime
Watch Status: Subbed (Live-Evil)


Somewhere in (what seems to be) Vietnam, a war is going on and a girl with a sword is going on a rampage, killing everthing in sight.

Fast forward, and we see, Saya, a who’s living a normal high school life. She’s missing all her memories except from a year ago.She leaves her shoes at school and goes back to take them, but instead gets to see her teacher killed by a monster and kissed by a guy with a creepy hand. Then, she gets flashbacks. End.


One of the most anticipated new series by a lot of people. It’s supposedly connected to Blood: The Last Vampire, but sadly haven’t seen it, so the hype isn’t on me. It’s slated for a 52-episode run, so we’ll be in for a long run.

Blood+ hasn’t left an outstanding impression on me for this episode, but I’ll wager the good parts are coming soon. The opening massacre wasn’t anything brutal or artistic, just kinda… boring.

The later parts intro’ing Saya and her family are nothing much, still boring.It gets better when the action starts though, had a little shock when the sensei was pulled up by the monster into the tree. A bit too sudden, haha. Not to mention he was doing the classic “shine the torchlight on face”.

Art is done well, considering it’s from Production I.G, seems Gainax also had a hand in it too.OP and ED are OK as well.

Overall, still good, but not on the “must-watch” list yet.