Thursday, October 13, 2005

Black Cat 01

OP: "HIKARI/ダイアの花 (HIKARI / Daia no Hana)" by Yoriko
ED: "ナミダボシ (Namidaboshi)" by PUPPYPET
Watch Status: Subbed(Oyasumi Subs)


Show starts with some funny flashbacks(typical shounen) and then we get in to real time where some guy has been elected governer. Then a one-eyed guy seems to wanna catch him as he’s a gangleader of some sorts.

One-eye guy is very poor and can’t afford food. After helping a waitress-in-distress, he gets it. Then he’s at a party for the governer and he meets the guy he’s supposed to catch. His other eye(turns out it’s not blind) can see the future and it turns out the target will die in 5 mins by some guy.

He tries to get to him 1st but is beaten by other guy, who has XIII(13)engraved on his chest.He confronts the guy but the target’s underling comes and disturbs. After that, one-eye guy goes to a pawn shop to try and get some money, buy the shopkeeper throws him out after he reveals he met the XIII guy, supposedly a shinigami.End


Well, picked it up just because it seems nice. But just standard shounen fare for this season. There’s just tons of similarities with other titles though, with the eye thing and Kurapika. Not really surprising since I’d read an article on a local mag about the tons of similarities of BC and HXH.

I haven’t read the manga yet, so I can judge this somewhat ‘unbiased’ly.Well, comes with experience from tons of bad manga-anime conversions *coughnegimacough*. Luckily, I don’t see the XEBEC word anywhere, so it should be better.

The show seems quite OK, but the pacing needs some changes. The flashing back was quite jarring to me. Art is done quite good, but nothing outstanding(unlike Negima,*stabs XEBEC*).

OP and ED are quite nice to listen too, not outstanding like Shakugan( damn, I just can’t resist mentioning Shakugan, WHEN ARE THE SINGLES COMING OUT!!!!!!!! ) but still nice to listen too.I kinda find the ED sequence a bit creepy, with all of them turned into cats, taking the ‘Cat’ part of ‘Black Cat’ too seriously I guess.

Overall, still interesting. I’ll follow this one on subs. It’s not gonna be on my “Must-watch” list(a.k.a watch raw).