Monday, December 13, 2004

Mai HiME


Tokiha Mai is a normal school girl, juggling between her school life, work and caring for her brother Takumi who’s suffering from a heart condition.

One day, she receives a scholarship for her and Takumi to study at a prestigious private academy called Fuuka Gakuen and accepts the offer.

On the way to the academy, the ferry that they both are travelling becomes a battlefield for 2 girls possesing supernatural powers.In the chaos, Mai discovers that she posseses the same power, the power of a HiME.

Upon reaching the academy, she discovers that it’s not what it seems to be and the academy is being attacked by monsters called Orphens which can only be defeated by the power of the HiME’s of which the academy has been gathering all along.

Ultimately this leads to a battle of destiny of the HiME’s, forcing them to put their most important things on the line between life and death.

Episode List

(Taken from Anime News Network)

01.That's a Serious Matter for a Young Lady
02.After School Secrets
03.Dance of Flames / Star's Oath
04.Prank of the Wind
05.Rain- -. Tears.....
06.The fiery age of 17 (^^;)
Moeru juunana-sai (^^;) もえる十七歳(^^;)

07.The Lost Kittens
Maigo no koneko-tachi 迷子の仔猫たち
08.An Important Thing.
Taisetsu na mono. たいせつなもの。
09.The sea, the maidens and Natsuki's secret ♪
Umi to otome to Natsuki no himitsu ♪ 海とオトメとなつきのヒミツ♪
10.Cake Wars!!!
11.Rondo of Light and Darkness
12.Angelic Smile
13.Night of the Tamayura
14.Academy at Target
15.High School Girl ミ☆Through the Galaxy
『天翔ける ミ☆ 女子高生』
16.Parade ♪
17.Deceitful, Lips
19.Labyrinth in the Heart
20.Dance of Flames / Tearful Destiny
21.You the Dark One, Time to Come Forth
22.Breaking Down......
23.Love and Friendship, Cold-heartedness
24.Love is a Battle
25.Towards the Time of Fate


Mai HiME Vol.1 Bonus DVD extras.
Mai HiME Vol.1 Omake.

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Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~


Shiratori Ryuushi, who aspires to become a children's book artist, moves to Tokyo to attend art school.In Tokyo, he rents a room at Narutaki-sou, an inn in the middle of busy Tokyo.

Arriving there, he is greeted with the occupants of Narutaki-sou, who each have their own quirks and share of strangeness.He also falls for the lovely and cute landlady, Aoba Kozue who is his distant relative. He seems to have met with her in the past as she knows his ambition of being an artist.However, Kozue-chan also has secrets of her own....

Episode List
(courtesy of Anime News Network)

01.Welcome to Narutaki Villa

02.Ooya-san's Secret

03.An Important Place



06.Tama Check
Tama chekku 珠チェック

07.Hide and Seek





12.Summer! Swimsuits! Day at the Beach!

13.The Treasure of Narutaki-sou

14.When Summer is Over

15.... Maybe
"Kamo" can mean "duck" as well

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Gundam SEED Destiny


Sequel to the highly acclaimed 2003 anime series Gundam SEED and marks the first ever sequel in an alternate Gundam universe.In C.E. 73, a year and a half has passed since the first Great war between Coordinators and Naturals which ended in the signing of a peace treaty by both sides after the tragic Battle of Jachin Due which both sides suffering tremendous losses.

However, the hands behind the war, the Blue Cosmos terrorist group have not been eliminated and the fragile peace will once again be shattered.During a conference between the ORB Union and PLANT on Armory One, a group of elite EAF soldiers commit a daring act by stealing three of PLANT's newest prototype Mobile Suits(MS).

In the aftermath, PLANT's newest prototype MS carrier battleship Minerva is assigned to hunt down the three MS'es and retrieve them.On board is Shinn Asuka, pilot of ZAFT's prototype ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam
and Athrun Zala, war hero of the previous war and now affliated with ORB Union.

With Shinn hating ORB for causing the death of his family 2 years ago and Athrun questioning his role in this war and the breaking of the fragile peace forged on the blood of his comrades in the past war, the two now have to face a new chapter in this blood-stained conflict caused by clashing ideals and try to regain peace once and for all.

Episode List
(courtesy of Anime News Network)

01.Enraged Eyes
Okoreru Hitomi

02.Those Who Cry Out For Battle
Tatakai wo Yobumono

03.Ominous Gunfire
Yochou No Houka

04.Battlefield Of Stardust
Hoshikuzu No Senjou

05.The Scar That Never Heals
Ienu Kizuato

06.The World's Final Hour
Sekai no Owaru Toki

07.The Dazed Earth
Konmei no Daichi


09.Prideful Fang
Ogoreru Kiba

10.Father's Curse
Chichi no Jyubaku

11.The Chosen Path
Erabishi Michi

12.The Sea Dyed With Blood
Chi ni Somaru Umi

13.Revived Wings
Yomigaeru Tsubasa

14.The Departure Towards Tomorrow
Ashita e no Tabidachi

15.Return to the Battlefield
Senjyou e no Kikan

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny -Edited-
Special Recap Episode

16.The Indian Ocean Deathmatch
Indoyori no Shitou

17.A Soldier's Qualification
Senshi no Jyouken

18.Attack the Lohengrin!
Rooengurin wo Ute!

19.The Unseen Truth
Mienai Shinjitsu


21.Roaming Eyes
Samayou Hitomi

22.The Sword of the Azure Sky
Souten no Ken

23.The Shadow of War
Senka no Kage

24.Crossing Glances
Surechigau Shisen

25.The Place of Sin
Tsumi no Arika


27.Unreachable Feelings
Todokanu Omoi

28.Remaining Life, Scattered Life
Nokoru Inochi Chiru Inochi

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Thursday, December 02, 2004



Kurosaki Ichigo, 15 years old, High school 1st year student.Apart from his bleached orange hair, he seems to be a normal, moody high school teenager.

However, unknown to his friends, Kurosaki has a special ability, that is too see, talk and touch with ghosts and spirits.

One day, he meets a girl wearing black named Kuchiki Rukia who claims she’s a Shinigami(God of Death) and she’s hunting down evil spirits called Hollows that walk the land.

A Hollow suddenly attacks Ichigo’s family, forcing both of them to fight it.However, Kuchiki Rukia is injured in the confrontation, forcing her to transfer her Shinigami powers to Ichigo, finally defeating the Hollow.

And thus begins the life of Kurosaki Ichigo, 15 years old, high school 1st year and SHINIGAMI.

Episode List
(Taken from Anime News Network)

The day I became a shinigami
Shinigami ni natchatta hi 「死神になっちゃった日」

A shinigami's work
Shinigami no oshigoto 「死神のお仕事」

The older brother's wish, the younger sister's wish
Ani no omoi, imouto no omoi 「兄の想い、妹の想い」

Cursed parakeet
Noroi no inko 「呪いのインコ」

Beat the invisible enemy!
Mienai teki wo nagure! 「見えない敵を殴れ!」

Fight to the death! Ichigo vs. Ichigo
Shitou! Ichigo vs Ichigo 「死闘!一護VSイチゴ」

Greetings from a stuffed toy
Nuigurumi kara KONnichiwa 「ぬいぐるみからコンにちは」

June 17, a memory of rain
Rokugatsu juunananichi, ame no kioku 「6月17日、雨の記憶」

Unbeatable enemy
Taosenai teki 「倒せない敵」

Assault on trip at sacred ground!
Burari reiba totsugeki no tabi! 「ぶらり霊場突撃の旅!」

The legendary Quincy
Densetsu no Kuinshii 「伝説のクインシー」

A gentle right arm
Yasashii migiude 「やさしい右腕」

Flower and Hollow
Hana to horou 「花とホロウ」

Back to back, a fight to the death!
Senaka awase no shitou! 「背中合わせの死闘!」

Kon's great plan
Kon no UHAUHA daisakusen 「コンのウハウハ大作戦」

Encounter: Abarai Renji!
Abarai Renji, misan! 「阿散井恋次、見参!」

Ichigo dies!
Ichigo, shisu! 「一護、死す!」

Reclaim! The power of the shinigami
Torimodose! Shinigami no chikara! 「取り戻せ!死神の力!」

Ichigo becomes a Hollow!
Ichigo, horou ni ochiru! 「一護、ホロウに墜ちる!」

Ichimaru the silver shadow
Ichimaru gin no kage 「市丸ギンの影」

Enter! The world of the shinigami
Totsunyuu! Shinigami no sekai 「突入!死神の世界」

The man who hates Shinigamis
Shinigami wo nikumu otoko 「死神を憎む男」

The sentence of Rukia, before the 14th day
Rukia shokei, juuyokka mae 「ルキア処刑、14日前」

Assemble! The 13 divisions
Kesshuu! Gotei 13 tai 「結集!護廷13隊」

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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Aa! Megami-sama


Adapted from one of the longest running and famous manga in Japan, Aa! Megami-sama tells the story of Keiichi Morisato,college student and general good guy but who’s always down on his luck and unpopular to girls due to his short stature.

One day, while house-sitting for his seniors at his dorm, he makes a wrong call to a place known as ‘Goddess Help Line’ and suddenly a goddess named Belldandy appears in front of him to grant him a wish.

Keiichi is shocked by this and he wishes for the goddess to stay by his side forever and to his surprise, his wish is granted and so now begins a new chapter of luck in his life.

Episode List
(Taken from Anime News Network)

01.You're a Goddess?
「キミは女神さまっ?」 Kimi wa Megami-sama?

02.Ah! Can the one who believes be saved?
「ああっ信じる者は救われるっ?」 Aa! Shinjiru Mono ha Tsuwareru

03.Ah! Studying, My Family, and a Goddess!
「ああっ修行と我が家と女神さまっ」 Aa! Shuugyou to Wagake to Megami-sama!

04.Ah! The Queen and the Goddess!
「ああっ女王さまと女神さまっ」 Ah! Joou-sama to Megami-sama

05.Ah! Living under one roof!
「ああっひとつ屋根の下でっ」 Aa! Hitotsu Yane no Shita de!

06.Ah! Unexpectedly finding something blessed?
「ああっ掘り出しものに恵アリっ?」 Aa! Hori Dashi Mono ni Megumi Ari?

07.Ah! A place to express your feelings!
「ああっ想い伝える場所っ」 Aa! Omoi tsutaeru bashou!

08.Ah! Taking An Examination of Love, Starting with A Deviation Value of 30!
「ああっ偏差値30からの恋愛受験っ」 Aa! Hensatsuchi Sanjuu kara no Renai Juken!

09.Ah! The Secret of the Queen and the Goddess!
「ああっ女王さまと女神のヒミツっ」 Aa! Joou-sama to Megami no Himitsu!

10.Ah! Will the Auto Club Win?
「ああっ自動車部は勝てますかっ?」 Aa! Jidoushabu wa Katemasuka?

11.Ah! A Devil has Come and is Creating Calamity!
「ああっ悪魔が来たりて災いを成すっ」 Aa! Akuma ga Kitarite Wazawai wo Nasu

12.Ah! Compare and Contrast Goddesses and Queens?
「ああっ女神と女王を天秤にかけてっ?」 Aa! Megumi to Joou wo Tenbin ni Kakete?

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Yukito Kunisaki, a traveller, is searching for a winged girl who flies in the sky who was given the task by his dead mother. On one summer, he reaches a small town by the sea and tries to make money there.

While there, he meets 3 girls who each are mysteriously connected to the winged girl he’s searching for and so he decides to stay in the town to search for the girl and he finds it it’s connected to a tragic love story 1000 years ago.

Episode List
(Taken from Anime News Network)

01.Kaze ~breeze~

02.Machi ~town~

03.Koe ~whisper~

04.Hane ~plume~

05.Tsubasa ~wing~

06.Hoshi ~star~

07.Yume ~dream~

08.Natsu ~summer~

09.Tsuki ~moon~

10.Hikari ~light~

11.Umi ~sea~

12.Sora ~air~

Recap episode (総集編)

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