Monday, December 13, 2004

Mai HiME


Tokiha Mai is a normal school girl, juggling between her school life, work and caring for her brother Takumi who’s suffering from a heart condition.

One day, she receives a scholarship for her and Takumi to study at a prestigious private academy called Fuuka Gakuen and accepts the offer.

On the way to the academy, the ferry that they both are travelling becomes a battlefield for 2 girls possesing supernatural powers.In the chaos, Mai discovers that she posseses the same power, the power of a HiME.

Upon reaching the academy, she discovers that it’s not what it seems to be and the academy is being attacked by monsters called Orphens which can only be defeated by the power of the HiME’s of which the academy has been gathering all along.

Ultimately this leads to a battle of destiny of the HiME’s, forcing them to put their most important things on the line between life and death.

Episode List

(Taken from Anime News Network)

01.That's a Serious Matter for a Young Lady
02.After School Secrets
03.Dance of Flames / Star's Oath
04.Prank of the Wind
05.Rain- -. Tears.....
06.The fiery age of 17 (^^;)
Moeru juunana-sai (^^;) もえる十七歳(^^;)

07.The Lost Kittens
Maigo no koneko-tachi 迷子の仔猫たち
08.An Important Thing.
Taisetsu na mono. たいせつなもの。
09.The sea, the maidens and Natsuki's secret ♪
Umi to otome to Natsuki no himitsu ♪ 海とオトメとなつきのヒミツ♪
10.Cake Wars!!!
11.Rondo of Light and Darkness
12.Angelic Smile
13.Night of the Tamayura
14.Academy at Target
15.High School Girl ミ☆Through the Galaxy
『天翔ける ミ☆ 女子高生』
16.Parade ♪
17.Deceitful, Lips
19.Labyrinth in the Heart
20.Dance of Flames / Tearful Destiny
21.You the Dark One, Time to Come Forth
22.Breaking Down......
23.Love and Friendship, Cold-heartedness
24.Love is a Battle
25.Towards the Time of Fate


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