Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Mai HiME : Vol.1 DVD Omake

The loss of broadband has hit me hard. I feel like losing an arm and leg already.It took me 2 HOURS just to download this :P which makes out to a ratio of roughly 1 hour to 1 minute(ouch).I'm thinking of appying for Google Adsense to offset costs and afford broadband myself, so if I do get Adsense, I hope some kind visitors will click on some ads to help me out ^_^ .

Anyways, off with the ranting. This was subbed by yesy, with the torrent up on Tokyotosho earlier today.It consists of 2 parts and is quite short at 2:17 minutes only.

The first part features Mai as she elaborates on how she got her first bra, which only means fanservice here ^_^ and we do get that, featuring both Chibi-mode Mai and herself in full glory ;). It's really like a radio drama with images though, as there's only 3 of them which are below ;).

The 2nd part is a hillarious ad on Fuuka Gakuen hosted by Mashiro and sprinkled with some "censored" footage of the various HiME-related events in the school.There's even a full-fledged advert at the end offering a class in "Killing monsters while putting love on the line" at the end, ROFL. Here's the screenies:

The ad was quite funny, especially when you get it :) . I'm more interested in the 2nd Omake featuring our resident Chikane-wannabe, Shizuru and Natsuki ;).