Monday, March 21, 2005

Gundam SEED Destiny 22 : Sword of the Azure Sky

Watch Status: Subbed (Haro^2 Tori^2)

After the more relaxed atmosphere of GSD 21(Stellar-chan!!), we get back on business with this episode.This episode starts off with Orb getting sent to the Black Sea to "evict" ZAFT presence in the area.Orb sends Takemikazuchi and the ghey Yuuna as the supporting force for the EAF(lackeys!!).

Then we see Stellar gettting her maintenance with her memories of Shinn getting erased (aww.... :P ).Heine is up next, with him socializing with the MS pilots of Minerva saying that they are all equal and blah blah blah. his attitude might be said as happy-go-lucky but for some reason, I don't really like him to much. He kinda sounds domineering to me.

We then switch back to the ORB fleet currently going around the Cape of Good Hope(ouch..) to the Black Sea. The really cool Captain of the Takemikazuchi, Todoka is really a character I would like to have around.Too bad he has to get bossed around by that ghey Yuuna(hah, you live on an island yet you get seasick,nice for you :P )

ZAFT gets wind of the plan and gets ready to intercept the EAF forces. Athrun gets a really nice shock on learning about ORB's involvement.The ORB fleet becomes the vanguard of the attack with Neo's fleet as the back to trap Minerva.

Well, Shinn and Athrun make mincemeat out of the 1st wave of ORB Murasame's and Astrays.As the 2nd wave begins, Minerva gets in position to fire her Tannhauser positron cannon at the ORB fleet but is stopped in time (more like destroyed) by Kira's Freedom. Everyone is shocked at seeing Freedom.

Overall, an OK episode of GSD to set up the plot for the upcoming episodes.Kira as usual, employs the CALM(Coming-At-Last-Moment) tactic on Minerva, ouch.It would be interesting to see what happens if Kira&co. find out that Athrun is on ZAFT's side and what would Athrun do after this.

Next episode seems to be the appearance of Archangel and Cagalli persuading the ORB fleet to stop (will someone please kill off that ghey Yuuna?!).Only 6 more days....