Monday, March 21, 2005

Mahoraba 11: Memories..

Watch Status: RAW(accuracy not guranteed).

For a more accurate summary of Mahoraba 11 go to Matthew's entry.

Momono episode this time as we focus on Narutaki-sou's resident partymaker and drunk ^_^ .

Episode starts with her trying to write a letter but fails. Then we see her at her campus (so she does go to college..) cafeteria surrounded by couples acting rabu-rabu and she complains ("Is today Couple's day?!"). Then she wanders around, watching a movie and sending a letter.

After that, she runs in to Shiratori who's trying to pacify 2 kids fighting over a piece of taiyaki.He finally buys another one for them, and they run off happily (aww.... same thing i would've done). Momono teaches him a more efficient way to split them.She also invites Shiratori to go out with her tommorow when she leaves.Then Kozue-chan comes out from a store (shopping deeto-ka?) and we get a cute scene when they try to buy taiyaki but it's out of stock.

The next day, Shiratori's getting dressed for the outing with Momono.He almost doesn't recognise Momono at first (there's not many pink-haired girls around,you know, Shiratori). Momono says it's a date,making Shiratori freaking out but Momono says it's approved by Kozue-chan (oo, interesting, so Shiratori now belongs to Kozue-chan, eh).Kozue-chan appears and greets them happily and even sends them off with itterashai making Shiratori feel a little bit "lonely".

Then, they head off for a date going around places and doing "date" stuff. Shiratori comments on Momono-san's kawaiiness. Then, they both watch a movie and we get flashbacks of Momono's past(the flashback BGM is quite good), seems she had a relationship with a guy back in middle school and he flew off somewhere to study about films.

She cries after the flashback and when the movie ends, she wears back her glasses( she was wearing contacts for the date).Momono then apologises to Shiratori suddenly,saying that she was testing.(I totally did not get this part so refer to Matt's post on it). Both of them then go to a park and Momono explains everything. She feels bad about putting Shiratori through this and asks him to punish her.........which Shiratori doesn't do (obviously).

Both of them then head home with Shiratori bringing back a bag full of taiyaki but.... uh-oh... Kozue-chan also bought some taiyaki earlier and we all know what happens right. It's time for TAIYAKI ENKAI !!!.Oh, and Momono receives a letter from the guy too, making her happy ^_^.

A nice episode centered on Momono-chan this time.Her backstory wasn't cheesily done and there was some nice parts on Kozue-chan and Shiratori's interaction(they seem to be more of a couple now ^_^ ).IMO though, Momono isn't too attractive for me but her younger self looks quite nice, giving off a "cool" feel. She needs to have longer hair and no braids please.

Next episode will be a beach episode. Somehow, the title reminds me of School Rumble.Must be the sentence structure.