Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Gundam SEED Destiny


Sequel to the highly acclaimed 2003 anime series Gundam SEED and marks the first ever sequel in an alternate Gundam universe.In C.E. 73, a year and a half has passed since the first Great war between Coordinators and Naturals which ended in the signing of a peace treaty by both sides after the tragic Battle of Jachin Due which both sides suffering tremendous losses.

However, the hands behind the war, the Blue Cosmos terrorist group have not been eliminated and the fragile peace will once again be shattered.During a conference between the ORB Union and PLANT on Armory One, a group of elite EAF soldiers commit a daring act by stealing three of PLANT's newest prototype Mobile Suits(MS).

In the aftermath, PLANT's newest prototype MS carrier battleship Minerva is assigned to hunt down the three MS'es and retrieve them.On board is Shinn Asuka, pilot of ZAFT's prototype ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam
and Athrun Zala, war hero of the previous war and now affliated with ORB Union.

With Shinn hating ORB for causing the death of his family 2 years ago and Athrun questioning his role in this war and the breaking of the fragile peace forged on the blood of his comrades in the past war, the two now have to face a new chapter in this blood-stained conflict caused by clashing ideals and try to regain peace once and for all.

Episode List
(courtesy of Anime News Network)

01.Enraged Eyes
Okoreru Hitomi

02.Those Who Cry Out For Battle
Tatakai wo Yobumono

03.Ominous Gunfire
Yochou No Houka

04.Battlefield Of Stardust
Hoshikuzu No Senjou

05.The Scar That Never Heals
Ienu Kizuato

06.The World's Final Hour
Sekai no Owaru Toki

07.The Dazed Earth
Konmei no Daichi


09.Prideful Fang
Ogoreru Kiba

10.Father's Curse
Chichi no Jyubaku

11.The Chosen Path
Erabishi Michi

12.The Sea Dyed With Blood
Chi ni Somaru Umi

13.Revived Wings
Yomigaeru Tsubasa

14.The Departure Towards Tomorrow
Ashita e no Tabidachi

15.Return to the Battlefield
Senjyou e no Kikan

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny -Edited-
Special Recap Episode

16.The Indian Ocean Deathmatch
Indoyori no Shitou

17.A Soldier's Qualification
Senshi no Jyouken

18.Attack the Lohengrin!
Rooengurin wo Ute!

19.The Unseen Truth
Mienai Shinjitsu


21.Roaming Eyes
Samayou Hitomi

22.The Sword of the Azure Sky
Souten no Ken

23.The Shadow of War
Senka no Kage

24.Crossing Glances
Surechigau Shisen

25.The Place of Sin
Tsumi no Arika


27.Unreachable Feelings
Todokanu Omoi

28.Remaining Life, Scattered Life
Nokoru Inochi Chiru Inochi