Tuesday, September 06, 2005

General : Isshashiburi desu ne....

Ah yes. It's been quite a while since I posted anything. I still really don't have any energy to post up anime entries. Lack of involvement also seems to be a factor. I think I got disconnected a bit too long. Still recovering from the "No Internet" Syndrome.

Truth to be told, I'm catching up on the backlog of 5 months of anime I missed. I can feel my linemates cursing at me though !_!, as to how I abuse the line so splendidly ^_^.

As a reference, this is my current watchlist:
Gundam SEED Destiny (fucking Fukuda)
Shuffle! (KAEDE-CHAN!!!!! [guess which group I'm in])
Trinity Blood (Vampire Vash)
Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo (only cos Inoue Kikuko's in it)
Okusawa wa Joshikousei (only cos Ayako Kawasumi's in it)
Honey and Clover (BEST. ANIME. EVER.)
Speed Grapher (Gonzo's not losing steam, yet)
Saikano OVA (who isn't watching this?)
Full Metal Panic:Second Raid (need to change groups, Bakakozou = turtle)
Ichigo Mashimaro (to satisfy the lolicon in me)

And also Fall's coming in,I'll probably gain back the energy to blog by that time so here's a list of potential shows for me :

Mai Otome (Like "DUH!")
Rozen Maiden 2 (Shinku rulez)
Jigoku Shoujo (occult anime, hmm...)
Blood+ (Gore? Yummy!)

Fall anime also seems to contain more harem anime(I'm starting to get sick...). Bleh, why can't there be more creative types of anime. I'm starting to get anime based on :
1. Art
2. Character Designs
3. Seiyuu Powaaa!!

... instead of storylines already.Ah well, 2005 is a so-so year for anime I guess. If Mai-Hime had a better ending and GSD wasn't Fuk-u-da directed.... well.Shuffle's my only main obsession now. I should go try MAR, ES21 perhaps...