Saturday, July 02, 2005

Gundam SEED Destiny 36 : Athrun Defects.

Watch Status: Subbed (Haro^2 Tori^2)

A pretty intense episode of GSD with much action and drama.I've just been speed watching up the previous episodes from 25-35 and GSD is really getting more and more intense by the episode, making it much better than GSEED. Now if Sunrise would just cut out so many of the flashbacks....

The episode starts off with the Chairman intro-ing Athrun and Shinn on their new units, Legend and Destiny.Shinn is excited while Athrun is still bearing a resentment on the recent operation to sink Archangel. He questions Dullindal on the neccessity of the action but Dullindal counters him back by asking why didn't they join ZAFT. Athrun keeps quiet about his knowledge of Lacus's assasination.

Dullindal then launches into a long-winded speech about Kira and etc... He envisions a world where people can live to their fullest. Athrun isn't pleased about it.

Back outside, many of the EA have broken off and joining ZAFT at the Gibraltar base.Talia voices her concern about the EA ships and Arthur makes a cold joke about how they're gonna be fucked up if they're actually betraying ZAFT. Ma. Ai kawarazu ne, Arthur-san.

Meanwhile, the LOGOS have retreated to Heaven's Base, the last standing bastion of EA power( I think). Talia wonders if a decisive attack on it will finally end the war.

Dullindal and Rey meet and discuss recent events, unaware that Meer is eavesdropping on them, to which she discovers a photo taken by Lunamaria of Athrun meeting Kira.

After the eyecatch, Athrun is reflecting back on recent events, wondering who's right or wrong.He's interrupted by Meer who rushes in and reveals to Athrun that the Chairman is going to "dispose" of him. Meer urges Athrun to do something to show that Chairman he's not useless but a squad knocks on the door asking for Athrun.

This forces Athrun over the edge and he decides to escape.He easily defeats the soldiers sent to catch him.He takes Meer with him and persuades her to escape as well but in a moment of self-delusion, Meer refuses.

Athrun escapes into Meyrin's room to hide.But it's useless as the soldiers are checking each room. Meyrin helps Athrun out using an "unconventional" tactic. Meyrin then sets off an alarm creating a diversion for Athrun.

Both of them escape to the hanger but Rey discovers them. After a shootout, Athrun takes Meyrin together and escapes with Rey and Shinn in hot pursuit in Destiny and Legend.

Finally some major plot development, and they made Meer and Meyrin... useful! Heh. But seriously, that's the best thing that Meer has done on the show up to now, by inadvertantly warning Athrun about Dullindal. And for Meyrin, she just got elevated status from background character there, with the bath thing and helping Athrun. I prefer her hair down actually.

Athrun also finally gets over his indecisiveness and tries to take Meer to escape as well.That's seriously the first time he's done things right for a change.Athrun was getting quite annoying with his indecisiveness.

In the next episode, Athrun faces off Legend and Destiny, and I'm getting a feeling that death's in the air, maybe.