Friday, July 01, 2005

General : State of Things.

Well, going around blogs recently, it seems some of the spring shows have ended, like Futakoi Altenative. Negima and Mahoraba also ended recently. Now if Froth-Bite would just increase their speed ;).

On anime watching, I've havent done too much yet, but I've watched Mahoraba 20 (great episode!) and GSD until 36. For the rest of the time, I was playing No One Lives Forever 2... ahh the fun, "man-crates", lol... Next stop, Half Life 2.

On the side of my studies, I have 2 assignments to do for now involving Powerpoint, sex ed (fun!) and some celebrity. My hostel has really done a good job of infuriating me as the DAMN line is so DAMN slow. WHY CAN'T THEY JUST LET US GET OUT OWN LINE!!!! I can't even do decent research for the assignments. sob sob... and I have to live with that for a year......

So due to the crappiness of the net there, blogging has become quite impossible. Heck, I can't even open my own blog there. Luckily, I still can go back home to use the net.

Well, this is generally a rant post, so I'll stop for now. I'll put up a post on Mahoraba 20 and GSD 36 later. They ignited my blogging fire for shows. Honestly, I was quite thinking of stopping until FMP:SR comes out.