Saturday, July 02, 2005

Mahoraba 20 : At the School Festival.

Watch Status: Subbed (Froth-Bite)

One of the best Mahoraba episodes I've watched to date :). It's been a long time since I've done a anime blog post so my skills might be dulled, bear with me, eh, people.

This episode starts off with Kozue-chan and Tama-chan inviting the gang to their school festival.

Once they reach there, they're suprised by the amount of stalls and the atmosphere.The gang seperates a bit to check out the stalls.Asami and Sayoko goes to a goldfish scooping stall where Asami gets a free go at it because of her cuteness while Sayoko, well, ermmm..., employs the "Jiiii....." technique.

Kozue and Tamami visits an archery stall, where Tamami ( in a moment of Tomoyo-ness) decides to go win the price for Kozue.She hits all the bulleyes at once (+1 forehead) suprising the stall operators (and me).That's some nice shooting there.

After that, the gang go indoors and Momono drags them to watch a "local" production.The movie really cracked me up. B-grade would be a gross overestimation to call that movie, suffice to say. Needless to say, the whole gang (except Momono) gets a "....." moment.Even Tama-chan(hillariously) declares that her evilness was sucked out.

After that, the gang continues to explore around the school.They pass by a haunted house(hillariously) and meet with Buchou, who takes Asami and Sayoko for a fotune-telling session (not to mention Tamami-chan, forced to perform her "duties").

The gang then visits Kozue's classroom, who's doing an art and craft exhibition.Suddenly, one of her classmates,Hiro-chan, who's in a bit of pinch. Hiro-chan, the head of the Symphony fan club, is scheduled to do a perfomance but the players had an accident and they're short of 2 people, a violinist and a pianist. Surprisingly, Sayoko volunteers (?!) and Momono takes the piano.

The perfomance starts and everyone is suprised when they play flawlessly.Mahiru-chan, the mysterious girl also watches the perfomance. Hiro-chan is revealed to be the sister of Mahiru's dojikko maid, Sakura.At the end of the performance, they're all moved by the spectacular perfomance.

After the performance, the group gathers backstage. The symphony club thanks the group for helping them out. Shiratori comments that there's still much that they don't know about each other.

Scene-switch and we see Mahiru commenting mysteriously about "seeing an unexpected side of her in an unexpected place". Scene-switch again to Tachibana, the other maid, being questioned by her goshujin about Mahiru meeting with Sayoko making him angry. Hmmm... mysterious.

A great episode of Mahoraba.The art was exceptionally cuter this episode, with literal employment of deformed modes, especially on the eyes. The episode also balances finely with filler stuff and plot development, one of the best parts of Mahoraba story-telling. Definately a great anime. Can't wait for the ending.Please let there be a season 2 as well....

Next episode is about the sceret of the Kurosaki family. Froth-bite, please hurry it up....