Thursday, June 23, 2005

General : My Status

As most of the readers might have noticed, I have stopped blogging for over 2 months now. I have to thank my parents for that. Oh well, otakuism is soo easily misunderstood.

For me now, I'm now in University(sort-of) attending Foundation in IT. The university of my choice is Multimedia University and they conduct the classes in Melaka so I'll be independent for a year. I will restart blogging but maybe not as anime-centric as now.

I'm finding difficulties getting anime there though, as my hostel totally blocks off BT, IRC and (unbelievably) FTP connections :rollseyes: . To top it off, the line is being shared by...umm... 2k inhabitants which equates to it being slow as hell. I haven't really experienced it as I'm lacking a computer for now over there, which means I'm gonna flunk classes as all the assignments, notes and etc.. are done online. I'm now "persuading" my parents to get me a new computer with decent graphic cards, as I'm sure I'm mostly gonna be gaming now that anime d/lding is almost impossible.

I guess my only salvation is that MMU has an active anime club, EMiNA (yes, it's anime written backwards), and there's also quite a lot of anime fans around to supply some of the more popular ones, including the uber-commercialized Naruto and (thankfully) GSD as well. I'm quite dying to continue watching GSD after stopping somewhere around 24 or 25 (sob sob). I hear there's quite a big shocker soon as Sunrise continues on with their "traditions".

Another series which I'm quite looking forward to is FMP:SR. Luckily it's starting next month so I can get sometime to try and find alternative ways to either (a). hack the hostel server and open BT/IRC ports or (b) find http anime fansub hosts or (c) persuade someone with streamyx line to d/l it for me. Oh well, hope it all goes well. I'll update more later.