Saturday, April 09, 2005

Gundam SEED Destiny 24: Diverging Gazes

Watch Status : Subbed(Haro^2 Tori^2)

I had a lot of problems getting this episode due my dial-up failing for 2 days :P. Damn, I miss my broadband *sob sob*. Anyways, after the action last episode, it's time for the mandatory R&R/character development episode.One word here, Sunrise seems to be on CHEESE Mode recently so get ready for rolling eyes. And I might say, there's a "shocking" development of one character in particular.

After the conclusion of the battle, Minerva docks at the town of Tarcuius to finish her repairs. The Minerva MS team mourn the loss of Heine, with Athrun angry at Kira.Later, Rey is seen doing some file copying on a disc. We all should know that means, right ^_^.

Athrun then asks Gladys about the Archangel's whereabouts, saying he wants to talk to them.He gets permission to disembark from the ship to find them.Athrun then launches out in Saviour, leaving Lunamaria in puzzlement.

Meanwhile, Miriallia is taking a walk in a local market. Sunrise is taking every chance to put in Meer's version of Shizukana Yoru ni . Athrun bumps in to her coincidentally and they have a little talk, updating on each other's status. Eventually, Athrun asks her to contact Archangel so he can talk to them.

The scene switches to Archangel, also in a period of R&R. Ridiculously, they have an onsen on the ship, lol. So we get the customary fanservice when it comes to this places.I have to say, peace is really gettting to them.Onsens on ships?! This takes the cake as cheesiest part of GSD to date.Add that with Lacus doing the "water gun". What a faux pas.We're also getting too much flashbacks here, I swear that from 24 episodes of GSD currently, if the flashbacks weren't done, we'd only be at episode 15.And does anyone notice that in the eyecatch, Lacus's breast size is seriously increased? I'd almost think that Kira'll ditch Lacus and go for Meer instead ;p and that's what we're seeing in the eyecatch.

After all that, Shinn and Rey is being assigned a mission to check out a supposed EAF research facility.He's really funny here, with him forgetting about etiquette when asking Arthur and quickly adding "de arimasu ka" every time he speaks.We also apparently see that Rey's the one "ordering" the mission.

Athrun, in the meantime, has bunked up in a hotel.He's being watched by someone though, who turns out to be Lunamaria. God, she's a fanatic.I wonder how did she get allowed to stalk Athrun. Someone's gonna have a fit later.

Miriallia has successfully sent her message to Archangel. Kira and Cagalli decide to go meet Athrun to know more about the situation in PLANT and they leave the Archangel at their hiding spot for safety reasons.

After setting the meeting up, Athrun goes in Saviour with Lunamaria trailling behind in a chopper.God, she's fanatic.Meanwhile, Shinn and Rey are going off to the research facillity.

Upon reaching the site, Kira and Cagalli get a surprise when Miriallia reveals that Athrun has returned to ZAFT.Right on cue, Athrun arrives and they start to talk.Cagalli questions Athrun's return to ZAFT.Athrun questions Kira's actions with Cagalli fiercely replying that they were trying to stop ORB. She get scolded by Athrun instead for allowing ORB to sign the treaty and join EAF.Athrun further supports ZAFT and says that Dullindal is sincere in making peace.

However, Kira questions the fake Lacus and reveals Lacus's assasination attempt by the Coordinator Special Forces, suprising Athrun(and Lunamaria, eavesdropping).Kira states that he'll not trust PLANT unless he finds out the true intention of the attack.Meanwhile, Rey and Shinn are investigating the facillity, which seems abandoned. Both of them enter some room full of tubes containing human parts causing Rey to break down suddenly *hint hint*.The show ends on a slow and nice rendition of Life Goes On. I have to say, I quite like to get the differrent versions of Life Goes On.

Next episode seems to be revelations and some fighting involving Stellar-chan(yay!).Well, tommorow then, heh. I'll wait for Haro^2 Tori^2.

A quite revealing episode this time, figuratively and literally.Now we know what Lunamaria does in her free time when she can't stick to Athrun ^_^. Archangel's onsen was seriously cheesy and ridiculous.Lacus just got her score lowered with the water gun faux pas.

But seriously speaking, I suspect Lunamaria might not be eavesdropping just because she's infatuated with Athrun.I suspect that she might be working for Dullindal to notify him of Athrun's movements.Now that's she's discovered some shocking stuff, she's high on my list of candidates of people to die next, though a lot of people will not like it(Lunamaria fanboys for one).But then, when you get Maaya Sakamoto to voice someone, it's kinda hard for the writers to kill her off for the sheer name power, so I'll keep it to heart, but then Sunrise isn't forgiving so... and I wish that they'll snap out of CHEESE Mode soon. Their recent stuff is soooo full of it *coughMH26cough*.

We also get confirmation that Rey is another clone/artificial human. Hey, he's voiced by Rau's seiyuu, there's bound to be some connection.Neo's related to Mwu is already an open secret so I hope that Sunrise will reveal it soon, rather than waiting for episode 4x like in GS, making it feeling rushed.

I didn't really take too much screencaps for this one.Not that much are caption-worthy. I just take ones that are really funny and captionable ^_^.I'd suggest moy's life line by line entry for more pics, just a counter plug for his plug of mine for GSD 23 ;).