Saturday, June 25, 2005

General : New Computer... YAY!!!! .... and anime catchups.

Ah finally, I've gotten myself a new computer. Nothing too fancy or out of the ordinary, just a decent one with gaming capabilities. Now to try out Half Life 2 :evilgrin: . My old one was quite satisfying for me even though for the lack of gaming capabilities, thanks to the net and fansubs :) . But getting a new one is also quite alright ;).

Currently I'm just enjoying myself on my new computer. Havent done too much with it for the 5 hours I've had it, just trouble shooting and sharing my joy on the blog.

I've been also catching up on anime. It's quite a shock to find out that after 2 months, Wannabe still hasn't finished SR, only up till 22 , but it's all good. After a long break from Sukuran, it's still as funny as ever. I had just watched 19-22 and the "Hige" part was hillarious. They're also using the habit of people adressing by surnames to "create" confusion and tension between the guys, which I just noticed.

I've also been watching Mahoraba 12-17(still another incomplete series). Few things to note here, Tamami is sooo cute when she was younger.They did a nice job explanding her personality more and giving out the reason of her dedication to Kozue. She just elevated herself as second favourite Mahoraba girl for me ^^ . Shiratori's kawaii little story in 14-15 also was quite touching, or maybe it's her nymph-like rendition of Kozue, Natsume's also quite funny and cute, and I like the way she has with cards, though I've heard that they left out some parts of her involving ladders. Oh well, I do have a penchant for misunderstood and anti-social types, especially for the cute ones.

Also did watch Emma for 1 episode. It's quite OK for now. I'm still d/lding the rest from iichan, so I'll put up more thoughts about it later on.