Wednesday, March 30, 2005

General : Aftermath

This day, 1 week ago, my DSL was cut :(. I still remember the pain and anguish of waking up and trying to connect to the Net but instead getting the error message of invalid password.

1 week on and I'm still trying to salvage my life back to its former glory of broadband and anime watching. So far I've missed, MSN 11, MH 25,AMS 12, GSD 22, Mahoraba 12,Bleach 24 and much more else to list.I've only downloaded so far, MH 25 which is still stuck at 85% :p. I guess I'll be able to finish it today and GSD 22 in 2-3 days time.To think that this week is MH 26..... sob sob....

As for money making, so far I've only got U$1.01 from Adsense, which is quite good I guess considering that I've just made my blog for a week or so.well, U$24 to go heh.

Well, in the aftermath of DSL loss, I've tried to do stuff to spend my time on the comp while I make sure that my dial-up doesn't go disconnecting and other stuff that hampers the downloading process.

I've rediscovered Diablo 2, which I'm sure any self-respecting gamer would know about it.My affair with Diablo started off from Diablo I,which was one of the first games I'd played. I was quite hooked to it and I still remember how anxiously I waited and followed the news when the sequel was annouced. I still remember how excited was I whenever they revealed new character classes and skills, especially when they said that players could make potions from monster remains(Find Potion, Barbarian) which I thought was really cool(but turns out to be quite useless, LOL).

Anyways off with the history lesson.The last time I left Diablo 2:LOD, I was at v1.09 and didn't really get to play v1.10. This time, I downloaded 1.10 and found out it's really a free expansion pack to D2:LOD.The monsters are quite tough and improved already, making it much more fun to play already :)(for now, that is).

So far,in keeping up with my tradition for a new character every install(about 5 times already, including this time), I've made a Necromancer.Before this, I didn't really like the Necromancer because I thought his skills were pansy stuff and hard to use. But this time round, I find nothing more satisfying than having your own personal army killing off mosnters for you while you stand back and pick up the loot, occasionally casting curses to increase damage or make the monsters fight themselves(my favorite).My Necro, Shinikaze, has reached Lvl 20 for now, at the Arcane Sanctuary, having fun and kicking monster butts about. Ahh... how I like Confuse....

Well, for now, it's back to Diablo 2, while i wait for MH 25 to finish off in umm... round 2 hours I guess(and hope).