Sunday, March 20, 2005

General: Hiatus over.

Finally i fixed my ISP problem. Turns out they gave me bad software :P, damn them. Anyways, i'll be officially starting blog anime starting with the Spring 2005 season.There are quite a few shows I'm anxiously waiting for, like Tsubasa -Resevoir Chronicle, Full Metal Panic:Second Raid. There are also some shows that might prove interesting such as He Is My Master(for all the loli maid fanatics ;-). I'll also be blogging some shows that i'm currently following when I get to it, like Mai-HiME(only 2 more episodes!!), Ah! My Goddess(is it me or is Urd stealing the show now?), AIR(bit too late isn't it?),Gundam SEED:Destiny(Stellar-chan!!!), Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~ and others when i feel like it :P. For a disclaimer notice,some of this shows are watched RAW(as in no subs) so accuracy isn't guranteed. I welcome all opinions, criticisms, suggestions and corrections.