Wednesday, March 23, 2005

General : Status report and random stuff

Due to differences in opinion and generation gaps, my broadband access has been suspended for a while :p.While I try to get it back, I'll be reverting to dial-up(ouch).I'll fight on nontheless and I'll continue to blog anime even though it's gonna cost me 10x more and 12 hours per episode.

I really live in a funny country (or the ISP is plain stupid) where dial-up costs 2.5 cents a minute but the broadband is RM 88 a month for unlimited access so technically, I can rack up bills of thousands a monthon dial-up yet only pay RM 88 if I use my broadband continuosly for a month.Well, that'll be a sign of protest, I guess, when the bills come(hope I don't have to resort to that though :P ).

On another note, a local radio station at my place seem to be using a lot of anime and game BGM's for their radio dramas.So far I've heard FF8 BGM's and also Aa! Megami-sama BGM's(the chorus version of coro di dea ~megami-tachi no utagoe and others). I'm pretty sure I must've missed more.

I've also created individual pages for each anime series I'm following on the watch list.So far, I've only managed to finish off a few.The rest will be up later.