Friday, April 01, 2005

Gundam SEED Destiny 23 : The Shadow of War.

Watch Status: Subbed (Haro^2 Tori^2)

Continuing from last week, where Kira employs his CALM technique resulting in the the destruction of Minerva's Tannhauser positron cannon, shocking everyone.

The resulting explosion seriously damages Minerva and forces her to land on water.Archangel arrives at the scene soon after and Cagalli lauches out in Strike Rouge surprising everyone with this recent development.Cagalli demands that all the ORB forces cease fire and retreat.

While waiting for the answer, Cagalli flashes back earlier when they received news of the ORB attack.Kira is being awfully harsh to his sister here ^_^;; as he points out that this inevitably will happen when ORB joins with the EAF, making Cagalli to ask them all to help stop the battle.

Back to the battlefield, Jona(Yunna) is pissed off. Neo contacts him and asks the meaning of this.Jona finally claims that the he doesn't know who's that after being pressured by Neo,prompting the launch of Chaos,Gaia and Abyss to participate in the battle.

On the ORB flagship, Jona claims that the Strike Rogue is an imposter and orders an attack on it.Freedom easily counters the attack.The attack surprises Cagalli.

EAF takes the chance and launches a full-scale assault with their MS'es on Minerva.This sparks off a 3 sided battle between the ORB/EAF, Minerva and Archangel.Kira enters SEED mode and promptly pwns everyone in the battlefield(not killing them though) to stop all of them.

Heine's Gouf Ignited squares off with Stellar's Gaia.Heine's eletric whip weapon gives him the upperhand against Gaia.Heine is being positively evil here(I thought so!) as he fights with Gaia.Meanwhile, Shinn fights Abyss and Athrun fights Chaos(can't remember the other 2 names)

Cagalli gets her butt saved by Waldfelt in modified golden Murasame as she doesn't want to fire back at her own troops.

Kira and Archangel, then randomly pwns everyone in an attempt to stop the battle.Athrun tries to contact Kira to stop him but fails.The battle culminates with Heine pissed off with Freedom and tries to engage him but he gets attacked from the back by Gaia resulting in his death, shocking Athrun, not too far away.

The show then ends off with Freedom and Archangel retreating and both sides suffering significant losses.

Good episode of GSD with all the formulas that make it successful, war, MS action, death...Nothing much of plot development here but with Athrun being pissed off with Kira, it could be interesting to see what will happen when they meet next.

Heine meets a painful death, albeit a bit too fast. He's just only on for about 5-6 episodes, I think.But I have to say his Gouf Ignited is quite good with the arm gatling beam gun and the electric whip.The part where he faces off with Gaia reminds me of an animal trainer(lol :).

Freedom is still good as usual, doing his job of pwning everyone but reducing the death toll :).But I have to say, Kira has gone a bit harsh recently and he seems apathetic from his Gundam SEED times.I guess I would be like that after all that's happen, especially with meaningless wars being fought. He seems more mature and stronger now, compared to his days in SEED.

Next episode seems to be character development as Minerva gets repaired back at base. Athrun angst fest detected :). There's also emphasis on Shinn and Rey as well from the commentary.