Thursday, March 31, 2005

General : Of Bells,Legends and Curses.

After reading the other blogs on Mai HiME 25, I neglected to mention of the legend of Kiyohime, Shizuru's Child.Sunrise actually did homage to this legend in MH 25 with the trapped-in-bell-Natsuki scene.

In Japanese folklore, Kiyohime was the daughter of an innkeeper.One day, a young and handsome monk came to stay in her inn and she was instantly attracted to him.But being monks and all, he can't accept her feelings and ran away.Kiyohime chased after him until they reached a river where she turned into a serpent to cross the river. The monk hid himself under a bell but Kiyohime wrapped herself around the bell and they both died from the heat her lust which melted the bell(wow).

I didn't spot it at first as I've only read a shallow summary from Athena's Blog. But it's fun to see that Sunrise is putting in references in the anime.Kagtsuchi, Mai's Child also has a legend of it's own which goes like this:

"Kagutsuchi burned his mother, Izanami,to death when she gave birth to him as he was the god of fire(ouch). In a fit of rage,his father, Izanagi, chopped him(double ouch) into 8 pieces from which 8 mountain gods sprung out from his body and 8 other gods from his blood."

I would really wonder if Sunrise might incorparate this legend in to the final battle, maybe Kagutsuchi getting owned by Mikoto's "Excaliborg Lite"(from Momotato) and he suddenly revives with 8 more copies? It would be extremely funny or cheesy I guess.Anyways, about 12 hours more for MH 26 to come out in Japan, so let's keep out fingers crossed for a nice ending eh?

On to other matters, I had an extremely funny experience playing my Necro last night.I was already Lvl 23,.clearing out Tal Rasha's fake tombs, which have gotten considerably harder, due to the ungodly amount of monsters behind each door. I swear, I can never run out of corpses to explode or revive.Confuse is godly in v1.10.Having the monsters beat each other up is always better than hitting my "pets" right?

Anyways, after clearing off all the tombs, I set off for Duriel.I reached him easily with all my "pets" and as expected, he massacred all my skels in one shot. At that point, panic was setting in as Amplify Damage sucks. In my desperation, I hit the Iron Maiden hotkey and cursed him with it and suddenly I have inspiration. I kept summoning out Clay Golems and ran around his chamber luring him to hit my golem while I kept Iron Maiden on. Surprisingly, after about 10 rounds, I killed him with his "own" damage,LOL.

I'm never gonna go boss fighting without Iron Maiden again :).