Saturday, June 25, 2005

General : New Computer... YAY!!!! .... and anime catchups.

Ah finally, I've gotten myself a new computer. Nothing too fancy or out of the ordinary, just a decent one with gaming capabilities. Now to try out Half Life 2 :evilgrin: . My old one was quite satisfying for me even though for the lack of gaming capabilities, thanks to the net and fansubs :) . But getting a new one is also quite alright ;).

Currently I'm just enjoying myself on my new computer. Havent done too much with it for the 5 hours I've had it, just trouble shooting and sharing my joy on the blog.

I've been also catching up on anime. It's quite a shock to find out that after 2 months, Wannabe still hasn't finished SR, only up till 22 , but it's all good. After a long break from Sukuran, it's still as funny as ever. I had just watched 19-22 and the "Hige" part was hillarious. They're also using the habit of people adressing by surnames to "create" confusion and tension between the guys, which I just noticed.

I've also been watching Mahoraba 12-17(still another incomplete series). Few things to note here, Tamami is sooo cute when she was younger.They did a nice job explanding her personality more and giving out the reason of her dedication to Kozue. She just elevated herself as second favourite Mahoraba girl for me ^^ . Shiratori's kawaii little story in 14-15 also was quite touching, or maybe it's her nymph-like rendition of Kozue, Natsume's also quite funny and cute, and I like the way she has with cards, though I've heard that they left out some parts of her involving ladders. Oh well, I do have a penchant for misunderstood and anti-social types, especially for the cute ones.

Also did watch Emma for 1 episode. It's quite OK for now. I'm still d/lding the rest from iichan, so I'll put up more thoughts about it later on.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

General : Things I've Noticed.

After 2 months of inactivity on the anime community, I've been revisiting blogs around to see what's hot and what's not. The general consensus I've reached is that this new season of anime has been quite lacklustre than the previous season.

One of the few titles that seem promising is Honey & Clover based on comments reached on Garten's post. I've also caught the 1st episode of Basilisk and it seems interesting but sadly has been licensed. I could hunt down the subs but I'll just get it from my fellow otaku, Kazuki. Loveless has also been garnering some nice comments so I might go get it, if I get the chance.

Based on my observations, Mahoraba seems to be going strong as well, which explains why I'm now mass downloading 9-18 from Froth-Bite. I'm having limited time to download any of the things I want though. Luckily now I have my broadband back in my house as my dad finally paid the bill as I'm going to be in Melaka for a long time. I guess the only good thing is I can come back on weekends and d/l all I want for that span of time. I'm going to catch up on Bleach and A!MS when I get the chance.

On the downside, Tsubasa Chronicle has been living up to my early expectations (and most people also(the Sakura seiyuu bashers) ) and flopping spectacularly. I don't really dare to say it solidly as I've only watched as far as the 3rd episode. But my opinion on them was also " good music, bad art and bad storytelling". I'll stick to the manga for now. I will get the OST though, can't resist Yuki Kajiura.

On the RL side of things, with anime deprivation, I've been going around with friends to cinemas and watching some of the more hyped shows from Hollywood. I've caught the full Star Wars series (except for VI, stupid scratched DVD) and I'm quite inclined to say, it deserves the attention. It's quite anime-istic though, with the Force and lightsabers.

Another movie I've seen recently was Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It was surprisingly good enough for me to watch it twice. Angelina and Pitt really have some good chemistry with each other (justifying the Bradgelina rumours) which was really the centerpiece of the show. I'm also finding that some movie critics nowadays are really strict people. They're bashing M&M Smith for the "lack of plot" and "no background info" and blah blah.. etc. I'd say they really just can't let their pants down.

But for me, my love will always be with the eastern side of the world, with anime and manga taking the centerpiece of my entertainment.

Now, off to find http anime hosts.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

General : My Status

As most of the readers might have noticed, I have stopped blogging for over 2 months now. I have to thank my parents for that. Oh well, otakuism is soo easily misunderstood.

For me now, I'm now in University(sort-of) attending Foundation in IT. The university of my choice is Multimedia University and they conduct the classes in Melaka so I'll be independent for a year. I will restart blogging but maybe not as anime-centric as now.

I'm finding difficulties getting anime there though, as my hostel totally blocks off BT, IRC and (unbelievably) FTP connections :rollseyes: . To top it off, the line is being shared by...umm... 2k inhabitants which equates to it being slow as hell. I haven't really experienced it as I'm lacking a computer for now over there, which means I'm gonna flunk classes as all the assignments, notes and etc.. are done online. I'm now "persuading" my parents to get me a new computer with decent graphic cards, as I'm sure I'm mostly gonna be gaming now that anime d/lding is almost impossible.

I guess my only salvation is that MMU has an active anime club, EMiNA (yes, it's anime written backwards), and there's also quite a lot of anime fans around to supply some of the more popular ones, including the uber-commercialized Naruto and (thankfully) GSD as well. I'm quite dying to continue watching GSD after stopping somewhere around 24 or 25 (sob sob). I hear there's quite a big shocker soon as Sunrise continues on with their "traditions".

Another series which I'm quite looking forward to is FMP:SR. Luckily it's starting next month so I can get sometime to try and find alternative ways to either (a). hack the hostel server and open BT/IRC ports or (b) find http anime fansub hosts or (c) persuade someone with streamyx line to d/l it for me. Oh well, hope it all goes well. I'll update more later.

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