Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Pani Poni Dash 01-03

OP:"黄色いバカンス (Kiiroi Vacances)" by Momotsuki Gakuen 1 Nen C Gumi
ED: "ガールッピ (Girlppi) " by Momotsuki Gakuen A B Gumi
Watch Status: Subbed

WARNING: Tons, I mean TONS of screenies in this post. 56k-er’s be forewarned.

OP Sequence

Character Profiles
Rebecca Miyamoto : Main character of this show. Nicknamed Becky. 11 year old genius who graduated from MIT at 10 and now teaching Class 1-C of Momotsuki Gakuen

Mesousa: Becky’s pet. Frequently abused.

Miyako Uehara: Has a large forehead and nicknamed benkyou-mushi(study bug).

Kurumi Momose: Her specialty is being plain.

Rei Tachibana: Acts like the class representative and likes to bully Becky ^_^;;, causing Becky to nickname her as ijimekko(bully girl)

Sayaka Suzuki : Likes to say “of the year”(yes, in English) and nicknamed dekaribon(big ribbon)

Himeko Katagiri : Chou genki(very active) and likes Becky because of her chibikko-ness. Nicknamed ahoge after her hair.

Ichijo-san : The ‘true’ class representative of 1-C. Acts mysteriously and DO NOT EAT ANYTHING SHE GIVES YOU. Remember Watanuki, remember Watanuki.

Jijii : Class teacher of 1-D.

Akira Miyata : Dojikko. Has the ability to fall just about anywhere.

Akane Serizawa : Member of the drama club. Likes to act overdramatically.

Behoimi : Mahou shoujo. Her name is spoof of a healing spell of a popular RPG.

Tsurugi Inugami : The model student guy. Has good tsukkomi abilities.

Misao Nanjo : The rich girl.

Hibiki Watanuki : Part of the student council's information gathering squad. Currently MIA.

Saotome : P.E. teacher. ’nuff said.

Suzune Shiratori : In Saotome’s class. Gives off the impression of being slow.

Otome Akiyama: Short but athletic. Target of bullying by Suzune.

Episode 1 : We’re introduced to Rebecca Miyamoto, 11-yr old genius and graduate of MIT. She’s come back to Japan to teach in Momotsuki Gakuen. She gets lost on her first day and reaches class late. After a finger and a kawaii attack, she settles down with her class.

Episode 2 : Rebecca hasn’t memorized her student’s names and calls them by nicknames instead, complaining that their names don’t match their personalities. One of her students, Kurumi is depressed because Becky calls her plain, making Rebecca try to cheer her up but the class representative screws it up (^.^);;;. After more things happen, she finally manages to memorize her name, cheering Kurumi up :).

Episode 3 : One of the students from another class, Watanuki, tries to find out more about Becky, thus she hides behind the blackboard in Becky’s class… but she gets stuck. Meanwhile, Becky grows an ahoge , causing Himeko to squeal in joy. Pissed off, she pulls off Becky’s ahoge, causing her to lose all energy. Becky proceeds to lose the ahoge and tries to make an artificial one, with poor Mesousa becoming the guinea pig ^_^;;. After numerous failed attempts, she succeeds and Himeko gains back her energy, albeit a little bit too much than before ;). While, poor Watanuki... gets..oh, well..

ED Sequence


This is what’ll you get if you cross Excel Saga with Azumanga Daioh. I kinda downloaded it for fun and god, I wish I’d downloaded this earlier. The gags are damn funny and seriously makes me go WTF?!!! at times.

Also Rebecca’s seiyuu is damn good. Chiwa Saitou just gained a place in my Top 10 seiyuu list. Her voicing of Becky is soo talented, turning from sarcasm to chou kawaii-ness without missing a beat. Check out episode 1, where she actually shows the ‘Finger’ to her class and shouts at them only to be hit by one her students to cower behind the curtains. Damn, moé + 100.

Another character to mention is Himeko, her antics really cracked me up and with Orikasa Fumiko’s voice, she’s me second favourite character after Becky-chan ^_^.
The rest of Becky’s class is also unique and funny, esp. Ichijou-san, with that permanent spaced-out look and killer foods.

Vanilla Yamazaki does a nice job voicing Mesousa, Becky’s poor pet rabbit. It’s really a nice contrast to her genki Haiji in Tsukoyomi and she pulls off Mesousa’s depressed voice real nice.

The other classes also have their fair share of funnies. Jiji’s class has a mahou shoujo, overdramatic actress, dojikko, rich girl who likes animals(I stress the animal part) and the model student(only guy in the show).

The 3rd episode was also a blast, with Himeko losing her genki power after Becky removes her ahoge. Saotome’s class also was really funny, esp. on the part where Suzune pokes Otome on the head in an attempt to stunt her (already stunted) growth. Was LMAO at that point. Also I pity poor Watanuki, innocently accepting Ichijou’s ‘drink’, resulting in her ‘MIA’-ness. -_-;;;

The tons of anime/manga references are also a nicely done. I have to comment Oyasumi Subs for such a nice job in doing research for the references.

The OP sequence is also to die for, with the 60’s/70’s touch. Really reminds me of James Bond movie OP sequences somewhat, with the catchy OP. The ED is also done nicely. Well, off to watch the remaining 4 episodes. And before I go, a *modest* screencap gallery.

Screencap Gallery