Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Uncomprehensible Random Stuff

Turning in to a vampire can be somewhat boring. So here’s some random stuff I typed while surfing the whole night away.

DISCLAIMER: Author does not guarantee any correctness or truthfulness in this post. The Author has been awake for more than 22 hrs at the time of submission of this post and is not thinking straight. The author would like to thank MS Word’s spell-check function for even making this post comprehensible.

Firstly, I’m having some funny obsession with Matt’s blog. I mostly think it’s due to the Shoutbox and the “Recent posts” column. I guess 5 months of no Internet makes you do this.

Secondly, I’ve fallen in love with A lot of talented people making a lot of nice wallies over there. Too bad, I suck at art much. But TBH, I kinda feel that the general forums are a bit too boring and clichéd. I mean, the anime forums consist of “what’s you’re fav. Anime?” , “who’s your favorite character?” kinda threads. Well, I don’t blame them, guess they’re all trying to reach Community Member level. The walls there are to die for… 15 papers is very limiting…..

Thirdly, Microsoft should adopt the OS-tans as mascots for Windows. Heck, find and pay some talented artists like Akamatsu-sensei, to create the designs. Then add them in as default wallpapers and theme packs. I assure you, sales of Windows will suddenly boost up especially among otakus.

Hmm… what else… ah, yes. I have this weird problem with BT nowadays. It seems for some funny reason, I can only connect to *remote* peers. I can’t connect to local ones. Mostly, only reason is because of no port forwarding, that you can connect to local ones. It kinda feels that my problem is the opposite of it (^_^;;). I can still get good speeds but torrents take longer to start. Anyone knows any possible reasons and/or solutions?

Oh, and Friendster is annoying to use nowadays. Ever since they’ve added the “Add CSS, music or video” feature to the site, I’ve seen profiles where it takes quite a while to load and they add in all sorts of stupid streaming video/audio feeds to it. The distastefully done scrolling text in some profiles annoys me. I’ve been keeping away from Friendster mainly becos of that. The default profiles are much better and nicer looking anyways.

Now, back to surfing….. or perhaps sleeping….. maybe….. saaa~~~~…..