Sunday, October 02, 2005

Review (rant) of Gundam SEED Destiny.

(I apologize for the lack of pictures… too damned lazy to get it, besides other blogs have tons of pics)

Disclaimer: I’m having a lack of sleep and utter disappointment, so what I’ve typed here is not subject to accuracy blabla bla…(other normal disclaimer crap).

First of all, my first brush with Gundams was actually with SEED Destiny, so I don’t have much to refer back to from other Gundam series’ which I haven’t watched yet. I did watch Gundam SEED though :).

Seed Destiny starts off promisingly. I admit, watching Shinn’s family getting blown in to pieces was a much interesting way to start off a show, rather than SEED’s peaceful life in the Heliopolis colony.

The subsequent parts of Armory One’s attack, Minerva’s pursuit of Girty Lue and the Junius 7 drop was quite good in fact… I’d even spawned an unhealthy obsession to Stellar-chan. Too bad she died early ;_;.

IMO, things started to spiral down from Stellar’s death and the subsequent conversion of Shinn to the Dark Side(yes, numerous Star Wars references abound in Seed Destiny). The plot also really suffered as Fuck… Fukuda employed numerous flashback episodes. Besides, the story was getting really imbalanced as due to the power of company executives, Kira and Athrun were re-elevated to main character status after the initial focus on Shinn. That was what really made it sucky.

Also, the traditions of SEED (stock footage and flashbacks) came back with vengeance as I’d like to put it in simple terms … “If they’d cut out the flashbacks and stock footage, GSD would have finished in 24-26 episodes.”  

Pacing also sucked as they had 2, I mean 2, goddamn flashback episodes in the span of the last 10 episodes. Running out of budget I guess. Not to mention that they’d dedicated 1 episode to a (mostly) useless character instead of the more major characters.

The ending also didn’t really solve much of the plot successfully although Talia, Gil and Rey got some character development in the end.. to which I scream “Why did Meer get her own episode while Talia, Rey and Gil gets only 5 minutes?” . Totally illogical :p.

Some of my guesses were also shot though, Luna was on my “to-die” list since 45. This means a possibility of Seed 3 or at the least an OVA(which is semi confirmed already). Ahh…I can see it, Seed 3, where Luna and Shinn go open an orphanage or something and Maaya Sakamoto will *finally* get to use her singing voice, lol. Also Shinn really sucked for the ending, I mean, he just cried like a baby, damn… -10 to manliness.

In all, GSD had good potential, but no thanks to the power of commercialization, marketing executives and “no-balls”ness(*coughfukudacough*), GSD is relegated (to me) into the “average anime” category.