Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Jigoko Shoujo - 01

OP: "逆さまの蝶 (Sakasama no Chou)" by SNoW (actually, there’s no OP sequence, but the credits are shown)
ED: "かりぬい (Karinui)" by Mamiko Noto
Watch Status : Raw
Genre : Horror/occult anime

Warning: The author has an illogical bias for Noto Mamiko. Do not expect views to be balanced for the general public.


The show starts off with some explanations that I don’t get, so wait for the subs. Anyways, we get thrown into a generic high school situation. Some money has been collected and, Hashimoto Mayumi, the class representative is assigned to keep it. But the money suddenly disappears and suddenly one of her classmates appears to help her out.

The classmate(didn’t get her name, but from now on I’ll call her the bitch) uses it as an excuse to bully Mayumi around. She overhears about the Jigoku Tsuushin which apparently appears at 12 midnight. Back home she decides to try it out, but freaks out at the last moment.

Later, after the bullying gets worse, she finally does it and submits the bitch’s name. She receives a message afterwards from the Jigoku Shoujo. But after that, nothing happens.

Then, one day, the bitch forces Mayumi to pick up guys for money but she can’t do it. The bitch then threatens her with a photo, causing Mayumi to commit suicide but she meets the Jigoku Shoujo instead. She introduces herself as Enma Ai and gives Mayumi a doll with a red string tied on it and explains that if she really wants to kill the person, she can remove the red string but her soul will be brought down to Hell once she dies. That done, Mayumi comes back to the real world.

Next day, the bitch sends the photo to the school, causing trouble for Mayumi. She decides to remove the string. Enma springs into action. The bitch is invited to school at night and she is brought around to experience horrible things, and finally, she witnesses a reenactment of her crime. Enma then proceeds to bring her to Hell :).

Finally, Mayumi has returned to her normal self after the death of the bitch. But a mark on her chest appears, signifying that her soul will be brought down to Hell once she dies. End.

ED Sequence


A not too bad introduction to the series. It seems that the following episodes will follow the same trend of having some extra character victimized and Enma will bring them to Hell.

There wasn’t any introduction to the other main players, apart from Jigoku Shoujo, herself. She seems to have 3 other subordinates but they aren’t introduced in this episode. Hopefully the next episode will.

Apart from that, the focus of the episode was more on Mayumi. Noto Mamiko didn’t really speak much as Enma, but her voice acting is still top notch. Her voice is, undoubtedly, perfect for such roles.

Overall, might not be interesting to majority, but still, it’s a good change from the current pace of animes out this year.How rare is it to see occult/horror anime nowadays from the h-game and moe anime trends? Besides, the art is nicely done and Noto Mamiko is in it :).