Thursday, October 06, 2005

Shakugan no Shana - 01

OP: 「緋色の空」 by 川田まみ ("Hishoku no Sora" by Mami Kawada)
ED: 「夜明け生まれ来る少女」 by 高橋洋子 ("Yowake Umare Kuru Shoujo" by Takahashi Yoko)
Watch Status: Raw
Genre: Action/ Supernatural/ Girls with Swords/Fantasy

My most awaited anime title of this season, second to Jigoku Shoujo. Purely because I have predilection for girls with swords. Well, the art is gorgeous as well…. anyways, on to the entry…

(I’m putting in some changes in this entry. All the pics now are reduced thumbnails that link to the original picture, except for the OP, cos of a little mistake)

OP Sequence


We’re introduced to Yuuji Sakai, normal high school student (hell, any *named* high school student isn’t gonna normal). He has a idyllic, carefree life. The day starts as usual and we see him going on with life as usual. After school, he suddenly decides to do a side trip and ends up being attacked by monsters who can freeze time and suck in human souls (I’m assuming this only, my Japanese failed me for this episode). However he is saved by a girl, Shana, who is an expert at using swords and no doubt very appealing (moé +50). Have I told you all, how big a crush I have on Setsuna-sama from Negima…. Oops, off topic. Ok, anyways, the girl restores everything back to normal and Yuuji, of course has a lot of questions to ask and he starts to whine, irritating Shana who reveals that he’s not human anymore, but he’s dead and he’s a thing (mono). Well, there’s a more detailed explanation but my Japanese failed me again, so wait for subs.

ED Sequence


First off, as Random puts it, the OP & ED are fantastically done, especially the OP done by Mami Kawada from I’ve Sound. ED is also quite catchy one you warm up to it. Well, Takahashi Yoko is good at it and I’ve liked her works, especially the infamous Zankoku na Tenshi no TE-ZE, OP for Evangelion.

Next, the art. The art and animation is one of the best I’ve seen for this season, only rivaled by Jigoku Shoujo, understandably, the animation work is done by J.C. Staff, one of the best animation studios around. The action sequences are done fluidly, check out when Shana defeats the “ball of faces” thing in this episode, overdramatic nonetheless but still very very nice. Damn, I can’t wait for the deluge of wallpapers ;).

Of course, the main attraction is Shana, heroine of the series. Her 1337 sword skills (moé + 25) and chibi-ness(moé + 25) is what made me watch anyways. While Yuuji, supposedly ‘hero’ of the show, really comes off to me as too soft. See how much he screams when he was attacked (otoko -5) and how much he whines when Shana cuts him(otoko – 15). Well he didn’t really score too high to me. The bad guys though, show much potential and uniqueness, seen from the OP sequence.

Overall, this series isn’t too be missed. With many talents doing this show, it’s a must watch for this season, if only for the art and nice music. Damn, can’t wait for next week.
So far, this series has been licensed by Geneon, so no info on sub groups doing it. But well, everyone knows what it means…so just wait ;).