Saturday, October 01, 2005

Shuffle 11

Well, I’m going to restart blogging, and I’ll start off with Shuffle 11. Bear with my sucky layout for now, I’m going to redesign it soon ^_^.

For this episode of Shuffle, the focus is on Mayumi and Big Bre…Nadeshiko-sensei’s. The animators also took a unique approach by having the 1st half to Mayumi and the 2nd to Nadeshiko-sensei, so I’ll summarize both POV’s

Mayumi: After ending her extra summer classes, Mayumi runs off and bumps into Rin, resulting in a potentially embarrassing scene. Rin shows how much stress by having 5 girls on him, pissing off Mayumi royally. She then goes off to Kareha-sempai’s part time café to have a drink but discovers she’s lost her purse. Kareha-sempai, in a bout of kindness, lets her pay it off by working for a while. So Mayumi decides to go along but an unfortunate ‘accident’ results in a verrryyy embarrassing situation. After that she goes back home, only to meet with Rin-kun half way who returns her purse and her “daijin no mono”.

Nadeshiko-sensei: After shouting reminders at Mayumi, she is confronted by a student asking her some stuff (my Japanese failed me at this point, so read the subs when it comes out ^_^, it’s not gonna be much important anyways). After a ordinary teacher-student lecture, she finds Mayumi’s wallet and runs into Rin-kun, where a slight remark made by Primula-chan almost ends up with her laying the smackdown on Rin-kun. Man, you gotta love Rim-chan’s ‘stoicness’. After that, a guy tries to flirt with her with the lamest pick-up lines and she shows off her 1337 powers by slicing the guy’s bottle into half, barehanded. Then, Itsuki, teaming up with Ma-boh, tries to flirt with her, resulting in a big shock for Itsuki….. After a meal with Asa-sempai, Nadeshiko-sensei reaches home to a message(lecture) from mom about her in time to get married. After a nice display of her assets, she does normal boring everyday stuff and finally decides to go to Mayumi’s house, a public bathhouse.

In the end, Mayumi and Nadeshiko-sensei have private bath where they discuss things. Well, it’s basically a fanservice moment, so I won’t go into much detail here, other blogs, like moy’s have screencap’d this to hell :).

The animators for Shuffle! are doing a nice job with it, having episodes dedicated to each character even for the minor ones like Mayumi and Nadeshiko-sensei. Mayumi’s part offers a lot of laughs and I daresay…’too much excitement’, esp the wind blowing part, lol.

Meanwhile, we get a much slower pace with Nadeshiko-sensei’s part showing a normal adult’s life with the nagging and stuff.Also we seem to get some hints concerning Asa-sempai and Nadeshiko-sensei. They seem quite close. Partners-in-crime (for hiding crushes on Rin-kun), I guess.

Well, don’t trust me much on this though, my Japanese has gone down the drain a bit, so it might be quite inaccurate, esp. on parts where lots of talking is involved. I guess it’ll get better, later.