Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Well, in an effort to make myself blog more, I'm taking a leaf out of moy's book and posting up my recent wallpapers. Hope you don't mind, eh. I guess a little bit of exhibitism has grown in me :).

Well, TBH, my monitor isn't really a fancy LCD or anything. It's a 2 year old trustworthy 17' CRT by LG. Well, i would want a LCD but.... binbo desu..

Anyways, here's my recent desktop, Ren-sama from Erementar Gerad!!! For those who've been reading me recently would know I'm having a Ren moe thing going on. Well, just snatched this nice wall off, so if you want to get it, go over there(registration requirted though) and support those guys :).

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Well, I was spamming Erementar Gerad until 22 when I found something interesting.....

I was in a state of confusion at that point, because both of them have the same stoicness, hair(well, almost) and looks. Heck, I'd thought that I'd somehow loaded in Shuffle! instead, haha.

In any case, I WANT MORE REN!!!!!!! Dang, now I wish Eval Power would hurry with their manga scanlations, cos the anime Ren isn't as cool as manga Ren... nevertheless, both Ren's are great.

Oh, and I look forward to more of moy's nicely done D.C.S.S entries.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Omedeto Tanjoubi again and some rants.

First of all, I'd like to wish Inoue Kikuko-sama a very Happy Birthday. A bit late though as I was quite busy recently. She's the seiyuu for countless infamous "onee-sama" type roles which include Belldandy from Aa! Megami-sama(no doubt her most famous role), Kazami Mizuho from the Onegai! series, Chitose Hibiya from Chobits and most recently, Agnes from Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo. I wish her prolonged success and a happy future ahead ;).

That settled, rant time! :).

I've been getting attached to Reverie "Ren" Metherlence. Ren-chan wa chou kawaii desu yo!!!! It's a freaking pity the anime was done by XEBEC, which means it sucks. Even with Yuki Kajiura-sama's music, it doesn't help the show. I really can't believe though I'm watching it purely for 1 character, haha. The seiyuu's are doing a fine job by the way, but it's a freaking waste of talent for Akira Ishida to go around saying, "Kimi ni mamoritai da" or "Ore-wa tsuyoku narerunda". So bloody cliched.

The manga is much more better(obvoiusly) and I've read the 1st volume thanks to Eval Power. Ren-chan gets powered up in the manga, haha, with kawaii +10 and "sharpness" +10, making me go 'Ren moe-power' +100.I WANT MORE REN!!!!! AND WHY THE FUCK ARE PPL STILL TRUSTING XEBEC TO MAKE MANGA-ANIME CONVERSIONS!!!!!!! XEBEC treatment = -1000 coolness. We should all start an anti-XEBEC petition to do manga-anime conversions.

As for the others, there's nothing much noticable with this season's anime except for Hachikuro. I get very depressed everytime I watch it but I still want more of it! My favourite part right now is the relationship of Rika-Mayama-Ayumi. Don't know why, but i really like Rika and I'm rooting for her.

The other ones are Shuffle! and FMP:TSR. The Sia arc now is disappointing me. I'm behind Kaede all the way. Kitto Kitto Kaede-chan!!!!! FMP:TSR subs are also kinda slow, but i guess being spoiled on the novel wasn't good.Already know what happens, haha.

Well, there's always next season to look forward to. Mai Otome, Jigoku Shoujo, Rozen Maiden ~traumend~ , Shakugan no Shana and Blood+. I'll probably revert to watching raws as the fansub community seems to be slow recently. Well, I don't blame them, the season is really disappointing anyways.Just hopefully, they'll finish off all their projects.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Omedeto Tanjoubi.

It's been a while since i've blogged. IRL, i'm busy with my projects and my Finals are coming. The good news is my Final's last day will coincide with the beginning of the Fall Season. I've also lost my voice now due to overexertion......

Well, anyways, I'm blogging today is to wish Yui Horie-san a very happy birthday. For those who dunno, she's a prolific seiyuu with a lot of famous works under her name, most notably for her roles as Naru Narusegawa in Love Hina, Honda Tohru of Fruits Basket and most recently Tamami of Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~.

She's one of my favourite seiyuu's (Ayako-sama being top now) and I wish her luck and success all the way ^^.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

General : Isshashiburi desu ne....

Ah yes. It's been quite a while since I posted anything. I still really don't have any energy to post up anime entries. Lack of involvement also seems to be a factor. I think I got disconnected a bit too long. Still recovering from the "No Internet" Syndrome.

Truth to be told, I'm catching up on the backlog of 5 months of anime I missed. I can feel my linemates cursing at me though !_!, as to how I abuse the line so splendidly ^_^.

As a reference, this is my current watchlist:
Gundam SEED Destiny (fucking Fukuda)
Shuffle! (KAEDE-CHAN!!!!! [guess which group I'm in])
Trinity Blood (Vampire Vash)
Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo (only cos Inoue Kikuko's in it)
Okusawa wa Joshikousei (only cos Ayako Kawasumi's in it)
Honey and Clover (BEST. ANIME. EVER.)
Speed Grapher (Gonzo's not losing steam, yet)
Saikano OVA (who isn't watching this?)
Full Metal Panic:Second Raid (need to change groups, Bakakozou = turtle)
Ichigo Mashimaro (to satisfy the lolicon in me)

And also Fall's coming in,I'll probably gain back the energy to blog by that time so here's a list of potential shows for me :

Mai Otome (Like "DUH!")
Rozen Maiden 2 (Shinku rulez)
Jigoku Shoujo (occult anime, hmm...)
Blood+ (Gore? Yummy!)

Fall anime also seems to contain more harem anime(I'm starting to get sick...). Bleh, why can't there be more creative types of anime. I'm starting to get anime based on :
1. Art
2. Character Designs
3. Seiyuu Powaaa!!

... instead of storylines already.Ah well, 2005 is a so-so year for anime I guess. If Mai-Hime had a better ending and GSD wasn't Fuk-u-da directed.... well.Shuffle's my only main obsession now. I should go try MAR, ES21 perhaps...

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